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    Canada, the country everyone forgets aboot
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    Music, art, pretending I'm French despite my limited French vocabulary, being ginger.
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    Arctic Monkeys, The Beatles, Cake, CSS, Daft Punk, The Diableros, ELO, Franz Ferdinand, Goldfrapp, Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers, Klaxons, Maroon 5, Mika, HAY GUYS MUSE LOL (oh sorry no need?), OK Go, Radiohead, Tokyo Police Club, We Are Scientists, Wolfmother ... and more ...

    My favourites are Muse, Radiohead and Franz Ferdypants though C:
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    Hot Fuzz, Batman Begins, The Prestige, Waking Life ... not a lot come to mind at the mo
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    Ooh ooh the telelol box? House MD, Doctor Who, Family Guy, South Park, Robot Chicken, MTV Live Canada
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    All of the CDs, and too many posters for my own good. :|
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    September 9 2007 - Seattle
  1. No offence, but that's a bit... creepy
  2. :LOL: Wex weks wet wocks! woland wowde in a rows royce! Hm. I'd say something along the lines "Oh, hi, Matt? I'm a big fan, you guys are amazing, can I have a picture?" *shoves OOS booklet for signing* Because I'm so creative?
  3. It says non-muse! Which means no pictures of Matt! Just kidding. Great drawing
  4. Ooh, right. That must've been really annoying. But at least you could stand around and talk about the show (?) Oh, I can't order it because I don't have my own credit card, so I usually get someone to do paypal for me, but I don't think you can use paypal at the merch website so... yeah
  5. There weren't any buses or anything? Weren't you in Toronto? Or am I missing something here... And yup, I will be seeing them in September... in Seattle though, and I'm not looking forward to going over the border But I'm looking forward to it, a lot. Plus, I can't order in official merchandise so I'm saving up so I can buy lots of overpriced crap there
  6. Oh lord, not here in Vancouver, it's so hot I think I'm going to drown in my own sweat ...or, at least it was. It's cooled down since. Our winters get down to like... -2C. No big deal. It's a bit of a misconception that Canada's cold everywhere. Vancouver is like London, it's rainy almost all of the year but it's very mild.
  7. Come to the West Coast. Best part of Canada. Even though I've never been to Toronto or anywhere other than the West Coast, but whatever The weather's much milder than... say... WINTERPEG, MANITOBA. I felt so bad for my cousins who moved there for like half a year, during winter.
  8. Same for me, couldn't order it at any shops. I'll have to get both DVDs online and hopefully they'll work on a computer or portable DVD player.
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