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    I first discovered Muse when I was 12. This was the tail end of the Absolution era. I had a Q Essential Glastonbury mix CD and Time is Running Out was the first track on it. I still have this CD to this day and hope that when I eventually meet the band (no "ifs"), I'd like for them to sign it because without it, I wouldn't have ever known who they were.

    Anyhow, my older sister enjoyed the band too and before I had any kind of idea how to actually discover music, I was pretty much told to fuck off and stop listening to that song because that was *her* band. She didn't love them like I would eventually, but y'know, older sisters with little sisters being copycats, all that jazz. Besides, my favourite band at the time was Good Charlotte so I didn't know any better, really. I still listened to TiRO, it was all I had.

    Fast forward to 2006, BH&R comes out, my sister tells me about it, we squee, and the rest is history...
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    Western Australia
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    Stuff 'n thangs
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    Teacher (relief)/video store clerk
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    My top, top bands consist of MUSEZOMGWTFBBQ, Placebo and The Wombats in terms of play frequency. I do enjoy a shit tonne of other bands though so judge me on these three as you will.

    And uh, Drown the Faith. Dang, they good... *shameless plug*
    >> http://www.reverbnation.com/drownthefaith/songs <<
  • Favourite Films
    Tarantino flicks
    Cornetto trilogy
    Things with Tom Hiddleston
    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
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    Doctor Who
    Breaking Bad
    The Walking Dead
    How I Met Your Mother
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    Matthew Reilly
    Nick Hornby
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    I collect whatever I can!
    I say this because I have a fair amount I can't be bothered listing like I did when I was 14.
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    Supreme Court Gardens - Perth, WA (10/11/07)
    Rod Laver Arena - Melbourne, VIC (15/11/07)
    Big Day Out - Perth, WA (31/01/10)
    Steel Blue Oval - Bassendean, Perth, WA (19/11/10)
    Perth Arena, - Perth, WA (30/10/13)
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  1. If it’s a double effort, perhaps the main album is called Dark Side and the other half is Simulation Theory? For example, SH could be on Simulation Theory because it has that dreamy quality like the world is sunshine and roses and machines aren’t actually controlling us. Dark Side probably will be just a song tho
  2. My sentiments exactly! And yes, that is pretty standard Matt. :LOL: Our definitions of heavy differ, bit like Marty and the Doc.
  3. Oh don't get me wrong, it's not shit but I was enjoying the acoustic but LAYERS
  4. I was just saying to a friend I'm a bit miffed with that. Coulda done something with the acoustic instead!
  5. Thought Contagion - no contest Something Human And somewhere, buried beneath some rubble, Dick Down. I mean, I didn't *hate* Dig Down but it's like a fart. It's let out there when no-one asked for it, but you notice and acknowledge it and then it's gone. That being said, I've been actively listening lately because I don't mind it that much. It does however deserve best video ranking thus far, I'm not feeling the others. SH's video is a shocker, so ludicrous yet no surprise
  6. I like it a lot! I think my perception of it has been tainted by that acoustic teaser however because I really loved that, it worked a lot better stripped down in that way. Like all of us, I'm bummed we keep getting commercial pop given to us but I'm so deep in this rabbit hole, I still have faith it's not going to be this way forever/an entire indication of Muse #8. I just don't get how they can give us the Drones film, full of some of their punchiest work and then give us this. It honestly feels like they're still trying to crack America - please stop doing that now
  7. Man if that's true I am so glad that my nearest cinema to my town finally added this to their listings, I'd have had to travel two hours for a screening and I was not going to do that for a film. It's been five years since I've seen them in the flesh - I'll take whatever I can get for convenience's sake!
  8. This sums it up quite nicely, though I've never felt any shame whatsoever over my love for them. 10 years plus here (although I think a part of me is holding on for nostalgic purposes)! Just wish they'd actually do some fan service...
  9. I didn't *hate* Dig Down, but I was really disappointed. I am certainly one to still cling on to the hope they'll go back to their roots but I'm too deep in the rabbit hole to want to come out. ANYWAY. This song? Chorus is terrible, definitely feelin' everyone's 30STM comments. But I love the rest! It's punchier than the last, and that pleases me. Love the vocal melodies for the verses. Keep going boys, you're slowly coming back...
  10. Sunburn * New Born ** Bliss Hyper Music Plug In Baby **** Citizen Erased * Micro Cuts Feeling Good * Apocalypse Please * Time is Running Out **** Stockholm Syndrome *** Hysteria **** Butterflies and Hurricanes * Fury * Take a Bow * Starlight **** Supermassive Black Hole **** Map of the Problematique *** Soldier's Poem * Invincible * Knights of Cydonia **** Uprising ** Resistance * Undisclosed Desires ** United States of Eurasia * Guiding Light Unnatural Selection * Exogenesis 1 Supremacy Madness Panic Station Follow Me Survival Animals Unsustainable Isolated System --- The Groove (instrumental) * Nishe * Back in Black (with Nic Cester) Helsinki Jam All the asterisks denote that I've heard it so many extra times on top of the listing itself (i.e. TiRO has been heard 5 times). Feel so deprived... haven't seen them in four years... :'( However I feel I've been extremely fortunate to have heard what I've heard in ten years worth of shows, and in the one city! Well one show was in a different city in Australia, but the other four shows were all in Perth.
  11. I wouldn't expect them at any other time but November/December - per the last three tours I've been to. Anyone seen this load of bollocks? :LOL: No thank-you! It's bad enough they never get an Aussie band to do it but to have them play to football fans? Noooo! Atrocity! That's just me, I'm not a footy fan.
  12. I think Iron Maiden might have been Chris... I think he enjoys stuff from that era. Florence is probably from Dom or Matt.
  13. My sister's ex-boyfriend was really into them and got her somewhat interested too. We're five years apart and shared a bedroom. I came in to play some PlayStation and she had some tunes on whilst doing her homework/study. It was TiRO. For me, it was the most incredible shit I'd ever heard at the age of 12. I was hooked. But, being the annoying little sister, my sister was like, "oi nah, that's my music" and I pretty much wasn't allowed to listen to it. Thankfully when BH&R was due for release, she remembered I had enjoyed TiRO so much and told me their new album was gonna be coming out soon. We even stayed up late one night to watch the SMBH video debut on Rage. I also remember playing Spyro the Dragon and listening to BH&R in full, age 14. The rest is, as they say, history! Interestingly enough, in the interim between T2L and Drones coming out, I got wicked obsessed with Placebo (I did always like them back in the day but now I'm reeeaaally hooked) which also happened to be this aforementioned ex-boyfriend's favourite band, his number one in fact. I owe that guy.
  14. I'm sorry but I can't look past that the opening riff sounds like the opening riff of . :LOL:
  15. The colours in those lake (Bled & Bohinj) ones are amaze. :eek:
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