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  1. For all your arty custom needs My new custom, print and all things art website. Have a looksy if you fancy http://www.linmac.org
  2. More shoes! Those last ones are from years ago! Just found the pic lurking in my photobucket
  3. LinMac

    Oxegen 2010

    Naw, I would loved to have been further at the front with some Myoozers. But I was working 12 hour shifts all weekend, so I would of probably passed out. Glad everyone enjoyed themselves. I was so tired I kind of zoned in and out, but it was such fun, really brought up my spirits in spite of the rubbish people and weather. Yay for Lady DomDom , too bad I couldn't get my camera out in time.
  4. LinMac

    Oxegen 2010

    For gods sake, are you serious? I can't imagine drinking at a festival. You're already covered in mud, tired and sleep deprived, why would you want to feel like shit aswell.... And only 40,0000 tics sold? That's alright, maybe there won't be as many scangers about this time...
  5. LinMac

    Oxegen 2010

    My wellies were cheap and have lasted for ages. I just wear thick socks to make them more comfortable. I dont think theres a need to buy expensive walking boots.
  6. LinMac

    Oxegen 2010

    Yea, it's total luck. I worked with the same lot at Electric picnic last year, and at the Galway Volvo Ocean race before that, so they know who to call by now I'll be at some food stall in a camping site, don't know which one yet. All musers have to come by for a natter. There maybe be some nice grub in it for you
  7. The day you start to agree with an NME review...is when you know something's wrong... I don't think many could argue it's pretty spot on...
  8. LinMac

    Stade de Suisse 02/06/10

    I've stopped taking alot of dairy cause it's known to cause headaches and migraines, cause Ive been suffering from them an awful lot lately... I used to have tons of cheesy toasties too, so yum...
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