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My muse inspired guitar build


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Where I work I have access to CAD, CAM, CNC machines, and a paint booth that I am fortunately allowed to do some "government" jobs after work, so I decided I'd like to make a Muse inspired guitar with my own twists.


Here is a shot of what I drew on solidworks during lunchtimes, after work, etc.




It's obviously a lot like Matt's guitars, but I changed it a little more to my liking. The upper bout is a little different shape, the butt is a little fatter, and the lower horn is bigger because the lower horn on Matt's guitars reminds me of Shrek's ears.


So the process was I just drew it up on CAD, imported the file into a CAM program and then set a block of wood on a CNC machine and watched it go to town...boom...guitar body. I bought the neck from Warmoth...its a maple neck with ebony fretboard. Something like 220 bucks? Great deal.


Here is the guitar and neck just chillin on the couch after cut out.




I decided to go with a bomber inspired finish which is going to be a metallic flake finish with airbrushed blue/orange/purple "torch marks".


Here is the body after the metallic paint which is as far as I've gotten. I just figured this board might like it...especially since I am lucky enough to have access to a much more modern way of construction.




Specs of the guitar:


Body: Swamp Ash

Neck: Maple w/ebony fretboard 22 frets

Bridge: Fixed strat style

Bridge PU: Bare Knuckle Rebel Yell (great pickup for hard rock...much better cleans than a nailbomb)

Neck PU: Sustainiac Sustainer system...similar to the Fernandes 401...but AMERICAN..ha.

Midi controller from gazlang which will be used to control both my GSP1101 and my G-major. Probably no Kaoss wankery for me.

Paint: Acrylic Lacquer w/ Alsa epoxy clear...shit is HARD

Schaller locking tuners.


I'll post some pics when its finished. I'm gonna have to wait about 3 weeks for the clear to fully harden.

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nice work! Any chance you wanna share the CAD/SU file? ;)


Yea, I have no problem with that...also if anyone's interested I can do a CAD file for the exact shape Matt uses. Scale may not be perfect, but I could do the exact shape based on the more recent ones. It would take proably 5 minutes.


Its obviously a 3d model, and Solidworks can export in a number of options...so pick one.


Edit: I'm leaving work for 2 weeks in about an hour so it would have to wait until the new year

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looking good so far. i like that you haven't gone for a replica. how much are you looking to spend on it all together, inc midi controller and sustainer?


Here's kind of a rundown on parts costs:


BN Rebel Yell was...160?

240 for the sustainiac (little fucker is expensive)

170ish I think when I bought the midi system from gazlang

Neck + all elecronics and body wood from warmoth...around 450-500

Paint: Free (cough my boss doesn't know cough)


so about: 1100 total with a case (used). The guitar will be as high if not higher quality than any Fender or dare I say Manson.


I will say if I just wanted to do a strat with nice Fender branded pickups it could easily be done with 700 bucks.


Edit: All American dollars btw, and the prices on the rebel yell and the midi pad from gazlang were based on whatever the exchange rates were at the time.

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possibly. although it'll get lost there. i'll leave it for the moment. If hooglebug can have his own thread, i don't see why this cant.


Hmm I guess, but then Hooglebug has a line of guitars which he offers as a business. This is a one of build more suited to the general thread.

You're the boss!

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well.... see there was a problem before where we were mega stringent on merging. But, the problem was that so many of the merged threads were getting lost. So, then people would just make new threads and it turned into a vicious cycle. Like, if someone makes a thread called "OMG! I CAN MATT BELLAMEE WITH MY FUZZ FAKT0RZ!" then chances are, within a week, the thread has died and gotten to like page 17 of KnT. So, it's no major issue to leave threads like this going. It'd only get mega mega merged if he made a thread for the body, a thread for the neck, a thread for the tuners, a thread for the screws that hold the pickup rings in place etc etc.

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hey Flump...whats goin on with this guitar?


I actually just finished it. The finish did not turn out like I wanted, but I have another guitar body that I might try to finish the way I wanted. We have some left over Mirra chrome by Alsa that is supposed to be a crazy metallic finish. It started out pretty good and looked like metal, but then after airbrushing the "scorchings" and the clearcoat it completely obliterated the luster and it just looks like silver paint. I'm still pretty happy with the build as the guitar plays better than any I've ever bought. I'll put up some pics when I get home from work tonight.

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Also, to the people that have been PMing me for the CAD drawings of Matt's shape I just want to say again that the shape I made is NOT of Matt's guitar. It's similar, but it is purposefully not the Mattocaster shape.

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Here's the guitar. The last pic is after the alsa chrome...you can see how awesome it looked before the clear coat. I was pretty bummed after the clear, but like I said its a great guitar.









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Where did you get the body wood from? Did you steal it from work as well?


Wood is from Warmoth as mentioned earlier in the thread, the only thing i've actually taken from work is some lacquer thinner and some older unused paint. Easy there bucko. My bosses (the owners) are just fine with me using machines and tools after hours. One even helped me set up a jig for machining. We don't use wood at work.

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