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  1. Axe-fx ii amps: Cleans: AC-30 with matching cab. Dirt: Plexi with cab no. 59 More distorted: VH-4 channel 3 with cab no. 59. That's what I use. Add effects where necessary.
  2. They're definitely unencrypted. The only one I know of that uses encryption is a Mipro system. I believe Muse uses Sennheiser. Most of them do have some kind of companding in the RF signal that means you can't just pick it up with any old radio tuned to the same frequency. A way I know it could be done, but would be logistically ridiculous is to take the same model receiver with you, search the channels until you find one of the iem signals and then record the output onto something. Now, how you get that in there, and then power it (battery? wall outlet?) is beyond me.
  3. There are actually quite a few acoustic guitars with very similar cutaways. Google Venetian cutaway. Also see Florentine cutaway. There is a wide range, but its pretty standard practice.
  4. Ahh, yes. Option B for sure, although there's usually some back and forth. How it would be done is tune up to whatever pitch you intend for the guitar/bass to be in. It's possible you'd have to cut the nut slots bigger to accomadate bigger strings first. If so, do that. Most likely the truss rod needs to be adjusted. Do that, retune to pitch, check truss rod, retune to pitch. (that may only need to be done once or possibly not at all.) Then adjust the action up or down. Again retune to pitch. Adjust intonation. Smash guitar into Dom's drums.
  5. The short answer to what I believe the question is, is no. I'm using an online calculator for string tension here, so I don't know how accurate the numbers are, but it should work. Also only doing one string, but that extrapolates to all. Guitar string "6" .046 set to E - 8.78 kg .046 set to C - 5.53 kg Put on bigger string so you can set it to "C standard a la QotSA. .056 set to E - 13.58 kg .056 set to C - 8.55 kg Now I believe your question is if you put on a bigger gauge, and then made sure the intonation/relief were all the same...would the guitar be back into standard tuning..instead of tuning it to what you want and then setting all of those. The answer is no. In this case adding .010 to the diameter of the string and dropping 4 semitones actually ends up with very similar tension. So, there would actually be very little you have to do setup wise. Of course that's not always the case. No idea if I even answered the question, but I had a good time.
  6. Guitar center just runs straight off the prices that are out there. It's about a $600-650 guitar new? So they can sell it used for $500? Then they'll give you 50-60% of that price because they need to make margin on it so 250-300 seems about right. Now, they could run into a Muse fan and sell it for more than they think, but they aren't willing to take in that risk. Unfortunately mods don't really do anything for resale. The stock pickup could be better sounding to some, and then an aftermarket pickup (even a nice bareknuckle) has actually devalued it.
  7. Granted I'm not in the market for any kind of guitar at this point, but that price seems a bit high to me. You can get a brand new MBC-1, MBK-2, and Sustainiac for less than 1k. To keep it under 1k you'd have to install them yourself, but you could have a brand new version of this with tech install for like $1100. Good luck on the sale though.
  8. There's a link in the description of this video. No idea if the link is still active. At work and when I click on it my IT people say NO!
  9. I've done BYOC pedals before. They're not THAT cheap, but they are fun, a good learning experience, and often come with instructions on how to mod them as well. Would recommend.
  10. I believe there are midi files within this thread. Midi files aren't specific to a program. A midi file will work with any program that can use midi files which is certainly all DAW's. If all of the links in the thread are dead, then I guess someone will indeed have to repost one.
  11. Use the blue Loctite. It's not permanent at all. Even the red is still removable its just a pain in the ass. Another option is a dab of CA super glue. It doesn't bond to metals well so it isn't permanent and can act the same as Loctite.
  12. Not necessarily. If you make sure the nut slots are cut with files that have a rounded bottom then the thinner strings should still be fine. If you are going to put 12's or 13's on a guitar I would get the nut slots widened though. The strings will most likely bind and go out of tune at the drop of a hat if not.
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