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Futurism Discussion Thread


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There's quite a few years inbetween those though. This was before Muse started incorporating lots of instruments that they couldn't play in their songs, which made them change their stance on playback and bringing in other musicians or not playing songs at all. If they didn't include Futurism because it was difficult to play, it was probably because at the time, they planned on playing the whole album live. I mean they kinda had to, given that they didn't have many songs to choose from live.

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Might as well start with my favourite :D

FEEeeel iiiiIIt, heeeeaaaaarararwrrr iiiieiiieiiiiit, AAaapatheyyyyeaa




:happy: this song is my 'does my voice work well today' test.

If I can't sing futurism all the way through, even badly, I stay away from recording albums that day :awesome:


The trouble is, with my 'positive comment for every song' mission, I'm gonna have to be inventive because every muse song gives me the same sort of buzz - chord sequence tingle(s), 'bells omg ur voice tho' tingle(s), and riffs.

Well done futurism.

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