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Hi. My name is Les.


And I dream to see Muse perform live in Manila.













Maybe I wasn't read.

Again, I'm Pinay, and I love the band. Let us discuss how we can make MUSE more well-known in the area so I can make that dream come true.


Help me help myself, man. <3

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Les! Aha! I found you! :)


Yes, I'd like to see them perform here, too. Now, making them more well-known in the country? Ah, that would be hard. I know very few people who know who Muse is, and even fewer people who like Muse. I've been told that the Sing For Absolution video used to be played over and over again in Channel V and Time Is Running Out has been playing in NU107 for months, yet they barely get any response. I don't think they're the kind of band who would get much attention from the Filipino masses.


I guess all we can do now is hope for them to click with the Filipino community or to get a chance to see them live in another country.


Waah, is that Malaysia I see on the airplane in the header photo? Did they have a concert in Malaysia before? Waaah, ang daya!

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Woo Aly you're here!


Says Muse Int'l and I think its just a picture. Nothing significant, really. But IDK, I checked this site out and I saw a Malaysia thread in the Muse forum somewhere. Apart from Canada, US, Europe, Japan, Muse has gone to Portugal.


There's still hope.


For the meantime let's just talk. You know Justin Theroux?

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Sa Myspace ata, pwede, may forum sila dun, tapos pwede rin sa bulletin board. Kaso kapag sa BB makakarating lang siguro yun sa circle of friends mo, tapos kapag sa forum naman puro kano lang ata nandun at saka wala naman talaga masyadong Pinoy sa myspace. Sa Friendster siguro. Heheh.




Wow. I don't know if you've noticed this before, but Muse's music videos are regularly being played over Pinoycentral TV, the text messaging chat channel. I've seen the Butterflies and Hurricanes and Hysteria videos being played last week.


Yay. I really hope they're getting some attention from the viewers. :)

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*Revives & bumps*




Oh, hey there. :D Hmm. Is that you in your avatar? I guess. Hmm. You look Filipino. Are you? :)


Wow, I haven't been here in ages.

This thread is dead.


It's disappointing how few Muse fans there are in this country. Although I saw Francis Reyes of The Dawn wearing a Muse shirt during their Myx Live performance on TV, and that made me all giddy. Ahaha. :fro:

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