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    IS gay for Matt.
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    *is awesome*
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    Denver, CO
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    procrastinating, rowing, all various types of sleep :]
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    Foo Fighters, Billy Talent, Gipsy Kings, John Mayer ... the Backstreet Boys.
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    Inception, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace ... RUSH HOUR 2
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    SPACED. and Hollyoaks. Fresh Prince of BelAir, Good Eats ...
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    Dune ...
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    way more than your average american fan.
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    5/5/05 - Houston: Cullen Auditorium
    5/7/05 - Austin: Austin Music Hall (remember that bike thing?)
    9/17/06 - Austin: ACL
    9/18/06 - Houston: Verizon Wireless Theater
    4/14/07 - Houston: Reliant Arena
    6/16/07 - London: WEMBLEY!
    9/15/07 - Austin: ACL
    8/2/08 - Brasilia: Porao do Rock Festival <3
    3/18/10 - Houston: Toyota Center
    10/9/10 - Austin: ACL
    9/18/17 - Denver: Red Rocks
  1. Happy Birthday! :awesome:

  2. boo, GA still sold out... if anyone has or buys an extra, I will buy it from you! I have only seen muse once in a seat.. and been very close, if not at the barrier for the other 9 times. the 11th will not be in one
  3. it's because of the UT football schedule.. their bye week was this week. it couldn't have been any earlier, even if the Tech game was away, since it's a huge game that a lot of Austinites and Longhorn fans (barf ;p) go to.
  4. 10th gig. just as fucking awesome as all the rest! somehow got to a bit behind midway on the barrier along the aisle on the right side under the big white balloon with the american flag star tied to it.. farthest I've ever been at any muse gig, but definitely still close enough for some awesome pics. will post here and on microcuts soon.
  5. I'm like Emily, do you still have the voicemail? :D

  6. I was looking through the meeting muse thread and I saw you had a link to your voice mail, but it no longer works. Do you happen to still have it? :D

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