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What is the weirdest song of muse in your opinion?


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Why though. To legitimize future spam?


"Look I know about the topics, now buy my second hand Viagra"?


Possibly. Back in the olden days of the internet, groups would make volunteers sign up for accounts and do that manually, so this could be a more streamlined, modern equivalent. :chuckle:


Or I suppose it could be a real person who's just super, super bad at it.


It wasn't so much Viagra though, as the ability to promote some shit band or other without appearing like you just signed up to do so.

I can't imagine that's a worthwhile thing to do anymore.

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micro cuts strikes you as especially weird when you're singing along to it at the top of your voice/range with your windows down and then you pull up and have to wait in a line of cars in a busy city street

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