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  1. 1. Algorithm 2. The Dark Side 3. Hysteria 4. Thought Contagion 5. Supermassive 6. Drum & Bass Jam 7. Starlight Acoustic stage 8. Propaganda 9. Something Human 10. Unintended 11. Dig Down 12.Unsustainable 13. Break it to me 14. The Void (piano) 15. Ruled By Secrecy 16. Uprising 17. Bliss Encore 1 18. Pressure 19. City of Delusion 20. Knight of Cydonia Encore 2 21. Blockades 22. Time Is Running Out 23. Stockholm Syndrome
  2. Hello, I think what you're trying to do is really difficult. Muse crew apparently doesn't read this meassageboard anymore. However, I think you could try : - the subreddit, by posting something like "Request for Muse crew for a famous russian actor". Indeed, someone from the Muse management reads the subreddit (they answered to a request of the mods I think 2 or 3 weeks ago, but the topic was totally different, and the post was pinned). - twitter, by tagging Glen Rowe for example. But keep in mind your chances are small. Good luck !
  3. After 4 gigs : Muscle Museum x1 Showbiz x2 Agitated x1 New Born x1 Bliss x1 Space Dementia x1 Plug In Baby x4 Citizen Erased x1 Yes Please x1 Apocalypse Please x1 Time Is Running Out x3 Stockholm Syndrome x3 Interlude x4 Hysteria x4 Fury x1 Take a Bow x1 Starlight x3 Supermassive Black Hole x4 Assassin x1 Knights of Cydonia x3 Uprising x4 Resistance x1 Undisclosed Desires x1 United States of Eurasia x1 Supremacy x1 Madness x3 Prelude x3 Isolated System x3 Dead Inside x2 Psycho x4 Mercy x3 Reapers x2 The Handler x2 The Globalist x1 Drones x1 Dig Down x1 Thought Contagion x1 Back in Black feat Brian Johnson x1 Eternally Missed x1 Helsinki Jam x1 Munich Jam x3
  4. Hey ! The line-up isn't complete yet, they said "plus more acts to be announced". I've seen days ago a picture in the facebook group for reading festival (If I remember good it was the Leed's line-up day by day, it was a kind of leak). There are in this picture Royal Blood and Twenty one pilots announced to support Eminem and Kasabian. Do you think that they are likely to play at R+L and one of them (Royal Blood please, but Twenty-one pilots is more likely) supports Muse ? There is a lack of support I think for Muse, and the Eminem night is sold out so to my mind a great band will be announced to support Muse. Maybe some people will know, when the other supporting band will be announced ? (I mean, will it be in the next few weeks or will it be in July...)
  5. Exactly what I'm thinking. Plus a little club tour in Spring in Europe.
  6. In France, 2 radio station have written an article about this : Virgin radio and NRJ.
  7. Map of you head, this song is just weird because we can hear Matt swallowing two or three times and the whole atmosphere is weird. Micro cuts, of course.
  8. Remove Resistance and add Butterflies and it would be a fucking good setlist! But I don't know if I would be still alive after Koc! (These 6 songs before Koc would kill me!). Besides, you should add Hysteria :-).
  9. Showbiz : Showbiz (It was Cave during a long time) OoS : DarkShines (but Bliss live is close especially Reading 11 and Live 8) Absolution : Hysteria (my fav of Muse) Black Holes : Assassin GOB The Resistance : Unnatural Selection The 2nd Law : Animals Drones : The Handler Special mention for Eternally missed.
  10. They did it in Paris (29 February and 04 March), but it wasn't due to the water need of Matt. I don't know why, but I think this moment of silence (maybe 10 seconds!) is disturbing and ruins the songs to my mind. By the way, Defector must be played this night in Brussels (Matt made the promise), maybe as opener? I really see Defector as show opener or as encore opener. It makes me worried about the future live performances of Reapers... Wednesday they have played only Psycho, DI, Mercy, The Handler and the Globalist (and Drones...). I think it's a bit lean for a "Drones world tour". They should play 2 of the three songs : Reapers, Defector, Revolt. But it means add 1 song and then drop an older song...
  11. The band seems to keep their promises... The Small Print was apparently soundchecked, as they have said in September : TSP, Fury and Map for the Drones tour in Europe. So The Small Print, SFA, Assassin and Take a Bow, it seems to become better and better. Shame it wasn't done before, but better late than never ! :-) But a gig with TSP and Assassin would be so heavy!!
  12. Yes, but if you look at the setlists from paris: 01 ( B&H, TaB, Motp, Blackout...) > 04 (OoS) > 29 > 27 >>>> 03 >>>> 26 (TR, no drones). (It's subjective). Now compare with the announcement : 29-01 03-04 26-27. The second nights are always bettrr than the first and the first announced are generally better, as if they believe the people who are here the first date (announced, a monday) are "bigger" fans than those whi went the 27 (a saturday!)
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