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Fury - Whammy up or Whammy down??


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Definitely octave harmony, that's how you get the pulse/sweep effect on the main riff (well, that and some delay obvs). Like other people have said, harmony -1 (pedal down) for the verses/middle and outro riff and +1 (pedal up) during the chorus.

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Don't remember there being any guitar in the verses, only distorted bass using octave pedals. Not listened to the song in a long time though.


There deffo is guitar in the verse, Matt always plays it, using his thumb as well rather than a pick

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Octave down in verses, octave up in the chorus. I think he did that in the Abso tour. Not sure about later performances, but that's the way I like to do it.


@Kueller917 Wanted to ask you a quick question on muse effects- I was planning to get boss me 25 for the effects- I want the fuzz for plug in baby/ supermassive black hole; reverb delay for Fury- any idea if boss me 25 can do this? If so, how?



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