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Hi there,


I just had an idea. Why not make a 1984 rock Musical out of the Album "THE RESTISTANCE" The Music is there, the story is there. It just needs a bit of adaptation.


(I just found out that Josh Groban is a big MUSE fan. He has already played in Musicals (Chess and the Fiddler on the Roof) Work together with him and with Tim Rice or maybe with Ryan Scott Oliver and you would get a brilliant show)




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Have you read it? It is an absolutely brilliant story. It would be extremely dramatic as a Musical and moreover, the topic is (if you think of PRISM) a very current one.


I really do believe that such a mucisal would also help to raise some awareness considering the topic of total surveillance.

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Read what? 1984?


Not really seeing how it would be a Muse musical if it was just an adaption of that. That was kinda why I said it wouldn't be that original.


And "total surveillance" really isn't an overlooked subject these days. Everyone is talking(/whining) about it.

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Yes, I meant the book 1984.


That is also what I meant before. The story is already there, and the music, too. (1984 was Matts inspiration for the Album "The Resistance", at least I've read that somewhere...)


Although total surveillance is moaned about. Nothing is done against it. People know it, but they do not care, because they think: "I've got nothing to hide". But in fact eveybody does. The moment people don't get their jobs, because they have been ill quite a lot during the last months, they will realize that, but then it will be too late.


That is all I've got to say about it. I can imagine a Musical like this. And I am sure that it would get a lot of attention. And by the way, have you watched the Tony awards this year or maybe last year? All the musicals on Broadway are remakes. Remakes of musicals, and remakes of movies. Plus: the stories are usually very simple. 1984 would be a remake of a book, yes, but who cares, if it is good?

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I think Absolution could be made into a better musical than Resistance.

Create an original story about a man remembering his life on his deathbed with each song reflecting a certain memory.

I think it would work better than copying 1984.

But tbh I don't really see Muse songs made into a musical, it would look strange.

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of course they are aware of the implications, that's also why they are voluntarily giving away all their private information on facebook and so on... :):LOL:


However, that's not what I wanted to discuss here, and now that is also where I will leave it be.


I just think it would be a good musical.

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I red 1984 and its a good read.


Its already well documented that the song Resistance is basically the story of the main characters from that book. The Resistance album more or less follows the same narrative 1984 followed, albeit with a few changes hither and thither.


If you were writing a production based on the record then Exogenesis would be bit of a narrative turn given that the symphony follows the idea is that any new start for humans is going to take place beyond the stars, which is a bit divorced from the rest of the plot. Least that's what I brainstormed when doodling around with the idea when I was 16 :chuckle:


A more original Muse-The Musical production could be made from another record, or through a composite of songs from various albums.


Though any musical would probably get Muse called Queen copycats even more given that We Will Rock You has been running for over 10 years.

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Indeed, I remember him mentioning this book in an interview. Perhaps even in two of them (at a stretch!), now that I think about it.


In the iTunes LP edition, Matt said:

"It is very much based on the book '1984' by George Orwell, particularly the romance between Winston and Julia and the description of the act of sex and love as something political, the only place offering freedom from Big Brother. The song is also about any love which crosses boundaries such as religion or strong political beliefs and the subsequent recognition of the unimportance and divisiveness of such beliefs."

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I'd also love to see a MUSE musical! And don't misunderstand me, I am not talking about Musicals where everything is funny and everybody is hopping around on stage. I mean a Rock Musical with dark and depressive scenes. (Maybe a bit like Chess or Les Miserables, which become very dramatic towards the end or like Jesus Christ Superstar, Tanz der Vampire is also quite dark (And here I mean the german production and not the one for broadway where they changed the whole show to make it more funny!) Ryan Scott Olivers "35mm - A musical Exhibition" is also adressing some dark topics as in "Leave Luanne" or "The Ballad of Sarah Berry") I think something like this could work for Muse as well.


Act I: could be the story up to the scene where the two are caught by the thought police. First there could be a few songs explainig what it is all about politically,.... (like "United States of Eurasia", and "Uprising") Then the love story would be told using the songs "undisclosed desires", "I belong to you" and then "the resistance", when they are caught.


Act II: would be the part where they are in jail and the people there are breaking them:

The other songs could be used there (like "MK Ultra" and "Unnatural Selection"). The final song would be Exogenesis where he is finally broken and is released into society again. With the words "let's start over again" it would fit perfectly in that context.


I'd finished reading the book by coincidence shortly before "the resistance" came out and I was really astonished of how well the whole album actually matched the story.


I can only recommend to everybody: read the book and then listen to the songs again!

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