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Muse to release film of 'most amazing' b-sides and rarities tokyo gig


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HAARP was released 9 months after the gig. This would be almost 1.5 years, which is twice as long.

What's more likely? DVD released for Christmas '13, therefore 5 months after the gig, or DVD+tour movie (which they have been working on since the beginning of the tour) for Christmas '14, therefore less than 18 months after the gig?

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Why does it have to be xmas? Was that mentioned?


I would say it is definitely after the tour ends, though, so they can use it as something to keep us interested between the CD releases.


Yeah, that sounds logical. I hope they'll do it this way so that we won't have to wait for so long.

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An american girl who had something to do with an interview with in Dallas (or something like that) said on twitter "Winter 2014" about the release date of the dvd. Makes sense because they'll want to add every worthy bit of the tour in the movie/documentary, imo.


But isn't Winter 2014 from January-March?

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Cool bonus feature would be the full making-of the Panic Station video.


I always assumed the bits before and after were pretty much the inception and making of.


Muse sees silly outfits in Japan, Matt comes up with the idea of walking around in public and playing PS on his phone, while out and about, the guys are distracted by giant boob robots and follow them to boob robot club. :LOL:


I definitely wish the song was longer now, though, as the video seems so short.

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