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Vote for Muse for T in the Park 2014


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Hello, this may seem like a selfish request (and it is to be honest except for those who live in scotland/UK) but I really want to see muse again next year and would love them to headline T in the park which they haven't done since 2010




if you could follow the link and pick them as one of the options that would be awesome. I don't mind about the other two but preferably Biffy Clyro ;)


Thank you for taking the time to do this if the thread doesn't get closed

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Pretty much every T line up is better than this year :( Considering not going, but already bought my ticket


They never paid attention to my votes last year :mad::(


Rolling Stones headling Friday, supported by Muse. Saturday headlined by Muse, with support from the Rolling Stones. Sunday has to The X-Pensive Winos, followed by Muse who are supporting the Rolling Stones :LOL:


That's more realistic than Stones, Prince and Muse

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