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2013.09.17 - Pepsi Center, Denver, CO, US


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I wanted to record a song or two, but I feel the same way. I know some people enjoy it, but I can't do it.

Plus, my videos always suck something awful. :LOL:


I'm hoping a video of Unnatural Selection surfaces, though, seems like people filmed everything but that.


I'd love to see that. :D Was distracted at the beginning of the song.

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There are a couple unblocked videos with part of unnatural selection.

(just the ending)

(just the bridge)


Thanks Hyena for uploading the bridge! I love that part.


I'm hoping someone recorded audio of the whole show, but I haven't seen anything yet on Musebootlegs.


...sure enough there was a clusterfuck going in through multiple doors for GA :(


That was horrible. The Pepsi Center did so many things wrong that I probably shouldn't list them here, I'd end up writing a novel. It was so nice to go to the show in Salt Lake City right afterwards, we were let into the venue through one door in single file! I'm glad you still made barrier (I did as well)

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Yes I was the one who talked to Target Center people. Once they understood ,they were happy to help make 2013 better. Other experienced Musers did talk to Pepsi Center staff ahead of time and the day of the gig and could not get a straight answer and, sure enough there was a clusterfuck going in through multiple doors for GA :(


But our group made barrier, it was a great show and Denver was fun, what little I saw. I just never want to drive across Nebraska to get there again!


People like Mary & Rog will have better pics, but I got lucky a few times. I also got lucky in that Matt picked up the socks I threw for him and somehow figured out I was the one who threw them! :dance:







Absolutely love that last pic!

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This was the most exciting night of my life! I flew in from So Cal just to see Muse for the first time! I was right in the front row on the floor! Matt was soo amazing!!:p Now just waiting for the concert movie to come out from their Rome concert! It's going to be amazing!!!

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