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  1. You musicians have SUCH important jobs....giving the world music that feeds our souls, and recharges/sustains us all...what a gift you give us. Matt---when you are writing and/or playing music do you ever feel as if you are channeling the music from the universe? I have spoken with other musicians who feel this way, and wondered if you had ever had that experience or felt that way? Thank you for all you do for us!!
  2. Serpent---I have some extra seated tix if you are interested? Section 112---I put them up last night in the tix for sale section. You can PM me if you want to.
  3. OMG!! I am 11th row section 112!! LOLOL!! Can't wait! Oh--and Serpent---driving can be not so hot in January---sure hope I can make it there from RI!! Guess they never heard about last winter around here when the promotors were thinking gigs in the NE in January!!!
  4. Me too! I love this thread, and like Jessica, don't post here a lot, but ALWAYS read it. Thanks so much muse s'amuse for all your efforts to keep us updated!!!!
  5. wow!! My feelings exactly!! (I paraphrased this post) these parts that jonesy wrote summed up my feelings perfectly. Also, another person had posted earlier that one of the things they always liked about Muse was the lack of swearing, and I agree....Matt always seemed more intelligent than that...didn't need the lowest common denominator type junk to get his points across. Another thing I wasn't as keen on was that I felt like I couldn't hear Matt's voice very well....seemed drowned out by the music. Anyone else feel that way? Guess it was the way it was produced or mixed or whatever. But def like the music/riff etc. Good start.!..and am sure it will go very well with the whole album flow/concept.
  6. Supremacy on a commercial on NBCSports today...wasn't looking at the screen and heard it, and whipped my head up....whaaaat??!! LOL!! Never expected to hear that on NBCSports, I guess! Even had Matt singing "Supremaaacyyyyyyyy!!!" in the clip.
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