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  1. Musewiki has articles organized by era. http://www.musewiki.org/Category:Showbiz-era_media
  2. Matt, there have been a few times before when you rearranged a song into a different style (Hyper Music vs. Hyper Chondriac Music for example). Are there any other songs you would want to try in a different style? After an album is finished, do you ever regret recording a song in a certain way?
  3. You've mentioned before that you're mostly self taught on your instruments and voice. Do you think that helped or hurt your musical development and creativity? What kind of musical education do you recommend for kids?
  4. It's the Benedictus from Palestrina's Missa Papae Marcelli. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qevcHGxxVg
  5. I love it!! I personally think it’s a perfect way to end the album. It sounds like a requiem after a long war. I’ve been a bit obsessed with Palestrina’s Missa Papae Marcelli ever since I heard Muse use a recording of the Benedictus as an intro to a show. It’s so cool they actually put it on an album 15 years later.
  6. Thinking of her now while listening to Starlight. I wish the very best for little Bellamy!
  7. I just called Webster Hall to ask if there were any rules about lining up before the show. The person I talked to was pretty clueless. He said we can't line up in front when they're loading things, and that the line usually moves somewhere else during that time. But he didn't know where, he told me to just pick a spot. I asked if people are allowed to line up very early or even overnight and he had no idea. Does anyone here know more about Webster Hall queueing rules than the person that actually works there? I don't want to show up only to be told I can't line up that early. Also, is it pretty self explanatory where to line up?
  8. I'm not sure yet what I'm doing after the show, but I'm up for meeting in line earlier. I'm getting there ridiculously early and will probably get bored.
  9. Congrats on winning! I don't know any details about the show, but I looked up the theater and the capacity is 200 people. I'm not sure how you're picking someone for the extra ticket, but I'd love to go! Seeing them in such a small venue would be a dream come true!
  10. This rumor just made me even more excited about the show, I didn't think that was possible! I really hope they play a set similar to the last time they were at Webster Hall (plus SFA as long as I'm dreaming).
  11. There are a couple unblocked videos with part of unnatural selection. (just the ending) (just the bridge) Thanks Hyena for uploading the bridge! I love that part. I'm hoping someone recorded audio of the whole show, but I haven't seen anything yet on Musebootlegs. That was horrible. The Pepsi Center did so many things wrong that I probably shouldn't list them here, I'd end up writing a novel. It was so nice to go to the show in Salt Lake City right afterwards, we were let into the venue through one door in single file! I'm glad you still made barrier (I did as well)
  12. I think it should be fine. It finally stopped raining today and the water is receding (at least near Boulder). Hopefully the roads will all be open by the time they get here. I'm very glad they don't have to drive overnight through the mountains like they did last time!
  13. Not in Denver but close to it. I don't know the city very well though, which is why I haven't answered some of the questions to locals in this thread. I'll be in Denver a few days before the show though and don't mind stopping by the Pepsi Center if it helps to better understand the parking/queuing/will call situation I was at the 2010 Minneapolis show too, and yeah, it was horrible. I decided not to go back in 2013, but I heard it was completely different. Were you the one that talked some sense into the Target Center people? If so you should try the same thing for Denver. Try calling the box office, the person I talked to a little while ago was helpful. I didn't ask about the pre-sale tickets, but I did ask about the queue. When I told her how early Muse fans usually line up, she actually compared us to the Justin Bieber fangirls from his recent Pepsi Center show. How embarrassing. One thing I'm worried about is the two entrances into the building with two separate lines. Supposedly they open at the same time but some venues have a very loose interpretation of "same time" (one of the problems in Minneapolis).
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