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ROUND 2 Kit & tab factor winter 2012!

Lord MFC

Who's the best?  

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  1. 1. Who's the best?

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Round 2! :awesome:


Each person is allowed to vote for TWO different entries (the poll will be public so we can see if you've voted for more than two :p)




This round's brief was to record a cover of any song from The 2nd Law.


Listen to them all: https://soundcloud.com/jamiehaas/sets/kit-n-tab-round-2


Or here:















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#1. Not bad. Solo sounded a bit too over the place for me. Riffs were good :)


#2 Ooooh, tough one. Very gutsy for doing vocals and you have a good vocal tone but IMO it sounds like you aren't opening your mouth enough in softer notes so it dips from sounding powerful to weakish. The harmonies were nice to hear though. Guitar was a tiny bit sketchy in one of the solos but meh. Was awesome.


#3. Nice cover. Can't say too much else really. Sounded fine.


#4. That clipping bugs me heaps but it was on time and all good to me.


Won't say who I voted for. Was really tough choosing.

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1. Like the toan, but as standard with Jamie he seems to make errors not getting the actual parts right and trying to improvise but not pulling it off too well. I liked the thought he's put into his TaB and Bliss covers previously but it just hasn't worked for him here :LOL:


2. Playing is gurd, vocals little high in the mix and don't think they suit this song as much as Street Spirit in the last round, however still think it's probably the best cover in this round. Not bad for an inanimate object


3. Gotta be Cyndris or Olly no? Definitely the better of the two Supremacy covers. Struggled deciding between this and 4


4. Ok the sound may not be the best but it seemed like a pretty solid cover and it's funky. I'd like to guess that it was Bentley but it's not his usual toan?

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Entry 1: thank you for not tuning the lowest string properly ;) (it's a tad too low) otherwise, it's not bad :) I really like the toan!


Entry 2: for me the best possible song choice, if I would've participated you'd have the piano done by me, possibly with singing too. Good guitar sound, although perhaps a bit too pinched in the clean parts. Definitely getting my vote, despite the minor mistakes in the solo.


Entry 3: a bit overly digital soundwise. Good timing in the intro parts, I've heard a lot of horrible timed covers of this and this seems nearly spot on. If only this were done with the sound of entry 1 it'd been perfect. (alas, you don't have the 7 string) Got my vote too!


Entry 4: once again I think your bass sounds really bland, and that turns me off of this cover. The strings really need changing from what I hear, and it's too fuzzy instead of gritty. That's a real shame because the timing and playing is good.

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