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Uprising Live from the GRAMMYs // Now on iTunes


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why is US media acting like Muse weren't even at the Grammys? did you all forgot to pay your publicist at the label or something? glad the performance is on iTunes, but is anyone who's not already a fan going to watch it?


They put it up there for the non-fans/casual viewers, really. Muse had a huge spike in iTunes sales for both album and the Uprising single right after their performance & win at the Grammys. US audiences in general like being spoonfed their music. I'd say, if they really want to sell out/reach a mass audience, just air something during American Idol or Glee. :rolleyes::LOL:


But you're right that there wasn't much advertisement about Muse even being on the Grammys prior to the event. Nothing in the TV adverts, or in the preshow warm ups. If I had not been keeping an eye on my google news Muse alerts and my Facebook feed, I wouldn't have heard anything about it.

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