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  1. "The next round of Early Bird tickets go on sale April 5th at 10:00 am Central Time." Hopefully these won't be sold out so fast! And I might be able to buy an extra if you can pay me back next day or so..
  2. Spent three hours refreshing the page, got to the ticket selection page after about two minutes of waiting in line and they're already sold out.. what a disappointment.
  3. Speaking of lolla notifications sign up, did anyone get a verification email or there's not supposed to be one? I signed up a while ago and never got anything from them..
  4. Go to Russia, I heard the tickets are cheaper for those shows
  5. Basically it says that you can order the tickets by filling out a form at bilet.open.ua/muse, but again, you have to do it in Russian. They will start dispatching the tickets on Monday and the official sale starts on Friday. Golden circle (fan zone 1) is 1100 ukranian grivens, ga (fan zone 2) is 800, and seating is 500-800. If you follow the bilet.open.. link, it shows the stadium map and a table with all the seating sectors with the according price
  6. Both agencies for Moscow and St Petersburg concerts have the event info up on their websites. So it's pretty much confirmed
  7. Depends what kind of music your friend's into. My friend was into rnb and pop, but after being introduced to Muse with Starlight, MotP, and Resistance she now likes most of their songs.
  8. it was bad enough they let him participate twice! I guess everyone got scared he'd be there for the third time if he didn't win and gave Russia a bunch of 12's I always thought Eurovision was about new and relatively young artists.. And I see why no one takes it seriously in the UK, the country has to participate every year and there's no escaping it
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