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  1. Parking- can we park at Sawgrass Mills, or will we get towed? Parking at BB&T has always been a nightmare to leave, and Uber/Lyft isn't really an option for us.
  2. Do you know how late the shuttle runs after the concert? I'm going back to Manhattan. Thanks.
  3. how many people are in line now? don't think I'll make it down there til this afternoon
  4. cool! it'd be nice to meet FL Musers; I've met Musers at some shows on the last tour, but no one from here
  5. why didn't I check my notifications earlier today?? but I still got a seat in 119; not horrible, think that's where I saw Foo Fighters from last time; plus, I got GA for the Mon nite show, so really, I'm just being greedy! looks like all GA is gone; can't imagine Ticketbastard releases seats in batches; maybe they'll release GA seats on the day
  6. depends on how much you want to see Matt, and don't mind not seeing Chris so well; also depends on the venue, but I've been in 1st and 2nd level seats at arenas on last tour on Matt's side, and I could see pretty well. Also, Muse put a LOT of effort into making the stage show visible from as many angles as possible
  7. I take back my 'aarrgh!' The Muse gods were with me, and I got GA!! At 10:18 ish; keep trying people; system gets flooded, and they release tix in batches (maybe?); good luck! ( it was a Muse miracle !)
  8. yay! least stressful presale ever; not keen on the BB&T- parking is always a nightmare, esply leaving, but I got my tix, so I'm happy!
  9. Brooklyn Vegan has a shot of the guys w/the horn section, the Dap Kings Horns; links to performances of Madness & Panic Station http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2012/10/muse_played_snl.html
  10. man, want to do all 3 FL dates, but just hope I can get tix; presale is probly same time as a work thing I can't get out of; ahh, the stress of a Muse fan presale
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