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Dom get's praked by Australian Radio Station


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Poor Dom.

With the list of other artists on that list, im predicting that the phone has come from one of the guys in Jet. If it really has come from an artists phone at all. they are the obvouse link between members of Muse, Powderfinger and Grinspoon. If so that really sucks for that person. On the otherhand, both Phil Jamieson and Bernie Fanning will not be as kind as Dom. So that could be interesting.

Dodgy and borring shit, and ive given it way to much thought. Can i have my 5 minutes back please?:mad:


You're probably right.. but I can't imagine one of the guys from JET giving out the number, so one of 'em obviously left it lying around or something, and someone was snooping. A bit low actually, because how else would you obtain a number like that? And then to use it for a prank, that's just annoying for anyone, I don't care who you are. Quite immature that they're making a game out of it.

Edit: oh sorry, I wasn't paying attention--obviously noone gave it out... just classic snooping. It only makes me feel a tad better, because at least a musician wasn't the low one.

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