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  1. Hehehe hello Dom

  2. hello this is dom from twitter /o/

  3. no omg, they did say ily in the lats chapter so it toooook a looong time

  4. It disturbed me, what happens? Do they fall in love eventually yeh ?

  5. its great, im such a little fangirl oh :c

  6. Wow...it is extremely well written

  7. ive read it like what, 5 times? i saved the word file on my laptop so you know wink wink

    i also have a blog about wicked and dp's fanfics in general oops ~ fangirl

  8. I had to force myself to stop reading it, i was beginning to like it far too much..

  9. holy shit youre right :O

  10. well hello darling :eyebrows:

  11. Hello there father James :chuckle:

  12. Cool. Holidays should be used wisely, you're doing it right :yesey:

    hmm D:

    when is she back then? :D

  13. Nah. I'm being all lazy and sleeping. As always.

    Well, you can say i'm good. I dunno. D:

    I'm just waiting for Monica to be back soon. :D

  14. Good :)

    Cool :) Are you good at drawing? :)

    I'm fine thanks :) I'm going to Ireland on Monday :awesome:

    Making the most of Poland before school? :)

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