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is it me, or does this band sound just a little too close to Muse?


Muse Ripoff?  

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  1. 1. Muse Ripoff?

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If you have Muse radio in grooveshark, you keep getting this same track over and over from a band that sounds like an imitator. In my opinion, they're trying a little bit too hard to sound like Muse. More of their older sound than newer though.


Judge for yourself:


*Edit*: Does anyone know how to embed the audio player here?


*Edit again*. I don't like being accused of trying to promote something, so I took away the link to the song. Lovely community.

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Did you join the board just to ask that? :wtf:


It's what made me finally join the board, but not only reason I wanted to join. It was an honest question, but since people obviously think I am self-promoting, I took away the link. Sorry for making people think badly of me.

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