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    I love Muse and Matts views on current issues is, unbelievably, exactly how I feel about the world! I have 2 children (10 & 14) and married, my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because I love Turkey! I love riding my bike and am an environmentalist
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    Kirkland, Washington, USA
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    collecting vinyl records
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    Customer Service
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    Depeche Mode, The Cure, Duran Duran and many other such similar bands
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    Who Framed Roger Rabbit, An Inconvenient Truth, Harry Potter, Simpsons
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    Heroes, Lost, Shows from Travel Network and the Food Network, Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy (I'm highly educated, yeah!)
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    Sadly, I don't have much time to read!
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    Sadly, it would be easier for me to list what I don't have!
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    Endfest '04 Sept, Oct, 4 2006 Paramount in Seattle, Sept 9, 2007 Key Arena in Seattle, Sept 10, 2007 Theatre in the clouds Portland, Vegoose Oct 28, 2007 Las Vegas, Dec 2009 Deck the Hall Ball, Vancouver April 1, 2010, Key Arena April 2nd 2010, Portland OR April 3rd 2010, Sacramento CA Sept 28 2010????....
  1. I know for a fact Muse had at least 11,300 tickets sold for Seattle. I saw the sheet that had the stats on it. There was also a + next to it (probably just in case more tickets had been sold since the paper was printed). Vancouver looks about right. There were pretty big empty spots there. Seattle was jam packed up to the rafters.
  2. Anything on Seattle? I was barrier and made friends with the security guy. His "official" evening report said attendance was 11,300+ and only behind the stage was curtained off. TR tour was sold out at 13,375 (behind stage was open and full as you can see on the TR tour video). Thanks!
  3. Abso Black Holes era. Not a choice though. I remember hearing Muscle Museum on Seattle radio in '99, but rediscovered them in '04 when I heard Hysteria on the radio. Became a massive fangirl in '06 and then slowly bought all their stuff. Have loved them since!
  4. Yeah, they called Doms dad Howard and Supermassive Black Hole "Black Holes and Revelations". While I was reading this though I could hear in my head, the excitement in their voice while they were writing it. It was kinda funny, you know, if you were hearing it in my head.
  5. this tweet made me smile! "Ian Vincent ‏@ian_mini My mind just got taken out of my skull, raped, exploded, raped, then put back in my skull, and it was perfect #muse #97x"
  6. My guess would be this was probably after they were asked about 1 Direction
  7. No. Stop IT! This isn't your chart list, this is for Muse on the charts. You've gone too far! It's not funny anymore. Just.....stop!!!!!
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