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  1. Absolution Tour was their best. My cousin went to night 2 of Earl's Court '04 and said it was the best gig they've ever been to.
  2. Fantastic: 1) Teignmouth Night 2, 2009 2) Reading Festival 2011 3) Download Festival 2015 4) Wembley Stadium Night 2, 2010 Ok: 5) Emirates Stadium Night 2, 2013 Poor: 6) London O2 Night 2, 2012 7) LA Staples Centre Night 2, 2015
  3. Oy

    Best Album

    Its easy to get bored of TIRO after we've heard it live for so many years, but it's still a great song. Admittedly I have a soft spot for TSP, but the chorus is huge and the live performances from '04 made it one of my favourites. Pressure is mediocre at best.. its far too long and has a chorus that feels out of place If FAWY and Endlessly were released after TR they would probably both be worse songs. Endlessly would be overproduced and ladened with extra backing vocals and FAWY would go through cheesier chord progressions (like the horrid bridge section in The Void). So you're right they'd get more stick but I recon it'd be warranted as the same songs with a 2018 Muse finish would likely be pretty bad.
  4. Oy

    Best Album

    For me: Stockholm Syndrome Ruled By Secrecy Butterflies & Hurricanes Fury Hysteria Blackout The Small Print Break it to Me Apocalypse Please Sing for Absolution Propaganda Time is Running Out Falling Away With You Endlessly The Dark Side Algorithm The Void Blockades Thoughts of Dying an Atheist (agree this is by far the weakest on Abso) Pressure Dig Down Thought Contagion Something Human Get Up and Fight So I guess I find the good songs on ST to be amongst the same quality as the average songs on Absolution. The problem with ST is most of the second half of the album is bordering on unlistenable.
  5. Guiding Light was probably the worst Muse song when it was released, but since then we've had Revolt, Aftermath, The Globalist, Something Human, Get up and Fight, Thought Contagion and most of the songs on The 2nd Law.. safe to say it's probably not even in the bottom 10 anymore!
  6. Oy

    Best Album

    Considerably worse songs though, nothing on ST comes close to the quality of song writing seen on Absolution... maybe BITM comes closest.
  7. Oy

    Best Album

    1. Origin of Symmetry 2. Absolution 3. Black Holes & Revelations 4. Showbiz 5. The Resistance 6. Simulation Theory 7. Drones 8. The 2nd Law
  8. Algorithm The Dark Side Map of the Problematique MK Ultra Supermassive Black Hole Propaganda Break it to me Citizen Erased The Void (piano) Ruled By Secrecy New Born Hysteria Plug in Baby Knights of Cydonia Dig Down (gospel) Muscle Museum Showbiz Bliss Exogenesis Part 1: Overture Dead Star Micro Cuts Stockholm Syndrome Take a Bow
  9. Overall definitely much better than I was expecting. Great: Propaganda 9/10 Break it to Me 8/10 Decent: The Dark Side 7/10 The Void 7/10 Algorithm 6/10 Ok: Pressure 5/10 Blockades 5/10 Dig Down 4/10 Poor: Thought Contagion 2/10 Something Human 2/10 Get up and Fight 1/10
  10. Villains was a massive disappointment and Kendrick is king. If you type Kendrick Lamar generic into google, the autocorrect changes it to Kendrick Lamar genius - that should tell you enough!
  11. Knights of Cydonia Hysteria The Small Print New Born MK Ultra Map of the Problematique Eternally Missed The Handler Butterflies and Hurricanes Citizen Erased Space Dementia Ruled By Secrecy Sunburn Fury Glorious City of Delusion Reapers Megalomania Hyperchondriac Music Muscle Museum Showbiz Plug in Baby Bliss Take a Bow Assassin Dead Star Micro Cuts Blackout Stockholm Syndrome
  12. Oy


    At least NSC was a complete one off though. According to Matt, Dig Down will be on the new album. Comparing to the other electro-pop singles, I think it's considerably worse than UD, Madness and DI - and they all came off average to poor albums. Puts a big downer on this next album before we've even gotten to the proper build up stage..
  13. Doing SB style gig at Wembley (complete fantasy I know....) What's He Building in There? + Dead Star Assassin New Born Sing for Absolution Muscle Museum + The Groove Eternally Missed Glorious Citizen Erased Exogenesis Part 3: Redemption Ruled By Secrecy Space Dementia Megalomania Butterflies and Hurricanes Fury MK Ultra Bliss Shine (acoustic) City of Delusion SB Intro + Futurism Dark Shines Micro Cuts Showbiz Hyperchondriac Music The Small Print Stockholm Syndrome + Agitated + Yes Please Take a Bow
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