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  1. 1. Take A Bow 2. Hyper Music 3. Plug In Baby 4. Hysteria 5. Map Of The Problematique 6. The Handler 7. Sing For Absolution 8. Uno 9. Animals 10. Citizen Erased 11. Ruled By Secrecy 12. Space Dementia 13. Dead Star 14. Assassin (GOB interlude) 15. Fury 16. Invincible 17. Butterflies & Hurricanes 18. Bliss 19. Reapers 20. Knights Of Cydonia 21. Showbiz 22. Micro Cuts 23. Stockholm Syndrome
  2. I listen to Black Holes like this, seems a lot better to me. Knights Of Cydonia Map Of The Problematique Supermassive Black Hole Exo-Politics Invincible Starlight Glorious Soldiers Poem Hoodoo City Of Delusion Assassin (GOB Edit) Take A Bow
  3. 1. Dead Star 2. Map Of The Problematique 3. Assassin (GOB Edit) 4. The Handler 5. Muscle Museum 6. Citizen Erased 7. Apocalypse Please 8. New Born 9. Fury 10. Mercy 11. Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist 12. Invincible 13. Dead Inside 14. Starlight 15. Bliss 16. Survival 17. Screenager 18. Micro Cuts 19. Stockholm Syndrome
  4. When do people reakon nights 3+4 will sell out for London? Would rather decide nearer the time if I want to go to an extra night or two.
  5. I'm beginning to believe the reasoning behind packaging the album with the tickets is that they are going to play the whole album live and they want people to be as familiar as possible with it maybe
  6. Sorry I meant at which point. Thanks anyway you still answered my question
  7. At one point do I have to enter my presale code into ticketmaster?
  8. Thanks. I'll be ready on time just wondering if I'll have any time if something goes wrong
  9. So how long does it usually take for the members presale to sell out of its allocation?
  10. I am going to assume the setlist rotations for this tour are going to be terrible due to the massive production. It'll be an excuse anyway
  11. Small update after Electric Ballroom Showbiz Sunburn x2 Unintended Uno Origin Of Symmetry Bliss Plug In Baby x4 Feeling Good Absolution Time Is Running Out x4 Stockholm Syndrome x4 Hysteria x4 Blackout Butterflies & Hurricanes Black Holes & Revelations Starlight x4 Supermassive Black Hole x4 Map Of The Problematique x2 Knights Of Cydonia x4 The Resistance Uprising x4 Resistance Undisclosed Desires x2 Guiding Light The 2nd Law Supremacy x3 Madness x2 Panic Station x2 Survival x2 Follow Me x2 Animals x2 Explorers Save Me Liquid State Unsustainable x2 Isolated System x2 Drones Dead Inside x2 Psycho x2 Mercy Reapers x2 The Handler B-Sides Host The Groove Agitated
  12. Just got back from Camden, while in technicality this is the worst setlist I've seen them play it didn't matter because the gig was utterly unreal. By far the best I've seen them out of the 4 times I've gone, they seemed to be really enjoying themselves and the performance was absolutely perfect. I've never seen Muse perform a song aswell as they performed Stockholm Syndrome tonight they were so into it and played about 3/4 different riffs afterwards. Props to the crowd for being absolutely bonkers from start to finish
  13. On my way about an hour away what do you reckon my chances are?
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