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  1. 2017 is close to its end and still no sign of the video release
  2. Any hints when it could be released?
  3. Great bargain , congrats! Check the demand and the prices of Hullabaloo SACD >here<
  4. There's even a >petition< already at Change.org. :musesign::musesign:
  5. From the official Muse VK.com page: Hello friends on VK. We are giving you a chance to pick a song in our set list. Please respond in the comment section as to which song (from the list below) you would like to hear “by request” at our show in Kiev at U Park Festival on July 8th. Can’t wait to see everyone there. AGITATED APOCALYPSE PLEASE ASSASSIN BLISS BUTTERFLIES & HURRICANES CITIZEN ERASED DEAD INSIDE DEFECTOR DRONES CHOIR (REPRISE) DRONES D&B FEELING GOOD FURY FUTURISM HYPER MUSIC INTERLUDE - HYSTERIA ISOLATED SYSTEM KNIGHTS OF CYDONIA MADNESS MAP OF THE PROBLEMATIQUE MERCY MICRO CUTS PANIC STATION PLUG IN BABY PSYCHO REAPERS RESISTANCE REVOLT STARLIGHT STOCKHOLM SYNDROME SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE TAKE A BOW THE GLOBALIST THE GROOVE THE HANDLER TIME IS RUNNING OUT UPRISING ================== Cool Wish I could have such an opportunity.
  6. Setlist.fm comment: "The band dressed in their 'Panic Station' music video costumes for the encore and were surrounded by their costumed crew members". The amateur videos are at Youtube already. There's a strange >Youtube live stream link<, though still don't know how it works.
  7. Huge thanks to House13 for this excellent video >Youtube link<
  8. I was there - great gig as always Muse do It was my 5th and the last Muse gig on this great tour The venue was full (especially standing area although 1 standing ticket = 100 EUR officially) except some empty seats at expensive vip zones. There wasn't any surprise in the >set list<, and there wasn't any special speech (like "it's our last gig on Drones 360 Tour... blah blah blah...") from the band too. One "special' thing actually happened - the huge black Globalist drone was ready to take off but something went wrong and it was taken away. 1 hour before the show there was a special videochat at Muse official page at VK.com, you may watch it >here<. I was very impressed that the crowd was singing so good and loudly, especially on Starlight, Matt was smiling hearing our singing ) There are some good amateur videos from the gig at Youtube already, especially >here< is an excellent full show video.
  9. The 3rd date added on March 07, the sale starts on Fri, 25/09/15 12:00, > http://www.ticketmaster.nl/event/muse-drones-world-tour-tickets/153547
  10. Thanks mate, already got Brussels on presale without any problems
  11. "Sorry, no matches were found" already, and "lucky" Seatwave already offers Vloer Staanplaatsen tickets from 198.00 EUR is it normal???
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