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  1. I had wondered why I heard it played on Absolute Radio a few days back. Makes sense now. Still my fave song on the album though
  2. Oooh looks amaze! Have applied, of course!
  3. I only just saw my birthday message from last month, so just wanted to stop by and say thank you! :happy:

  4. 29%, hovering at around 6-700kb/s - eta around 2 hours. I have to go collect my daughter from school and meet my other half from work so hopefully it'll be done when I get back
  5. Turned off the one download I had as it was hogging all the bandwidth, but now the reading one won't go up Should step away from the computer really...
  6. I like them, keep them coming - I want to see if Maffoo ever escapes!
  7. Invincible did a similar thing to me a few months ago. My story (some of the "Oldies" know most of this story): I split up with my husband in 2008. We had a 4 year old daughter and a 9 month old son together and we decided it would be easier for me to move out and have the kids live with me as he was working full time and was the main earner, he could afford his house on his own, but as a single parent, I would get government help and be able to work part-time and still have the kids living with me. We had been together for about 6 years and only married for just over 1 year, but we remained good friends. We both moved on and began new relationships, he was seeing a few different people, I began a relationship with a long-time friend at work (and am still with him). About 6 months later, my (soon-to-be-ex) husband met a girl he liked, but she had serious jealousy issues and said she couldn't be with someone who was still in contact with their ex. He cut all contact with me, except anything to do with the kids. He would have them stay overnight every other weekend and he was paying child support regularly, so I just let him get on with it and hoped he would see the light. A year and a half later, in November 2010 he came to collect the kids for a weekend, packed them in the car and then told me he was taking them to live with him. His girlfriend had quit her job to stay at home and look after the kids and there was nothing I could do about it. He is their father and is named on both of their birth certificates and therefore had equal legal parental responsibility. I have been working ever since then with solicitors and trying to get legal aid to get them back. My boyfriend and his mum have both been amazing, supporting me emotionally, physically and sometimes financially. A few months ago, my boyfriend and I were playing Lips on the Xbox 360 and we were playing songs from my own music collection. Invincible came on and we both just looked at each other and sang: "During the struggle They will pull us down But please, please Let's use this chance To turn things around And tonight We can truly say Together we're invincible" I think that moment I realised that though this is really hard for me, with his help, I can get through this. I still see the kids and am still working through this, but the tables have turned and I have them every other weekend, plus every wednesday for dinner. (PS, I don't want advice or anything, just wanted to share my story)
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