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  1. I haven't finished, but I can't make that post LONGER The framed acrylic and watercolour one - I love. I would totally put that in my house. I know I said not faces, but that one's exactly my style Slight comic vibe to it with the outlines and soft colours <3 Also, the mooooon ones! I love them a lot. I kinda wish they were bigger! I can imagine them on a wall above a headboard or something (if Bobbles' guitars weren't on that wall.....) This reminds me.. I need to get myself some bigger canvases. I only have tiny ones and then acrylic paper.
  2. I wish this thread got more attention! I was wondering whether to post or not the other day... I haven't painted much lately, but I have been doing a bit of drawing. I left the big sketch pad at home (in London for a few weeks now), but here's a photo I took of something I started and was pretty happy with: It's not a very detailed photo of it, plus I need some more appropriate pencils.. I only have HB and a 2H, which was useful for the tiny hand in the background. But I'd like to paint it, cut it out, and lay it onto a canvas with something else in the background. ... I added something in that crafting thread, but might be more relevant in here? Idk. The difficult thing about selling to other people is that it's part fashion, part personal taste. Like, I personally, I don't really go for realism in stuff that I use to decorate. Faces particularly.. unless I know the person. (I loved my old print of Dali's female figure with head of flowers, lol), but that's purely my personal taste and probably deeply psychological Please don't take that as criticism, though! It's just a personal thing.. Fashion.. I guess means whatever's selling in art shows and exhibitions lately. ... I'm glad you've brought this up, because it's made me think about it more.. I painted something for my mum's birthday and she's so pleased with it she's like, "you could sell these!!" and I'm.. I dunno.. I need to look into stuff more to decide whether she's just being a mum or not.. On the plus side, my Aunt thought it came from a shop. On the other hand, it's very, very basic. Though the greys I mixed were fucking lush, and I never ever use that word, so yaknow. I don't have a photo of it, but it's hanging in the kitchen diner, which is basically the main room It makes me really happy! Yeah, I'm gonna go out and look at what's selling locally before I embark upon that. /Essay sorry
  3. When I heard it for the first time on Monday, in that pub with them noobs before that gig, I said it reminded me of something, but I couldn't think what. This evening I sussed it out, when, in place of the actual words, I found myself singing bits of The Fox by Ylvis.
  4. I think yours is exactly the attitude they would like, actually :) I hope you go far with those ideas and do make a difference.

  5. Sent it to me 1st semester of 1st year of uni....... Iirc. I love this cover, though! Not loving the starlight cover. It's just... Well, it's starlight. That's the cue to leave before trains get rammed.
  6. Thanks that's a great tip, actually. I'll try to get my bf to help out this weekend. I kind of didnt want him to know what the painting was yet, and it might become obvious from the pose. Maybe I just need to be less self-conscious about these things and get on with it, though
  7. Ugh, Tegaannn! I forget how good you are at this kind of thing. Looking for some advice.. I'm getting into drawing and painting as a hobby, so I'm a real amatueur. I can draw things by copying, but can't draw straight from imagination, so I want to get something that let's me go half way. A long time ago I had one of those small wooden mannequins, which would be kind of ideal, only the one I had was so stiff I couldn't get any interesting poses with it. Does anyone actually use those here? I'd love to find a brand or something that actually works, and don't want to waste money on something that doesn't.. I have a certain picture in my head, it just needs the right poses and things in front of me to make it come out on paper.
  8. Imma send you a smiley face, bitches love smiley faces

  9. I like your face the most.

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