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    Helsinki 22.10.2009
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    Wembley Stadium 11.09.2010
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  1. Oh yeah, I recognised you. :awesome: How are youu?

  2. Oooh so you're on holiday now, nicee. :awesome: I still have one exam tomorrow and a party -thing at school tomorrow evening (the first year students (I'm one of them) have to organize it.) It will be pretty cool. :happy: Then I'll go on holiday. :D

    You should definitely go see MCR if that's possible! They're awesome. :awesome:

    Have you bought all the christmas presents already? And do you know what you're getting? :D

  3. Heyy! :kiss:

    Hmm not much really. Just waiting for christmas and the holidays.<3 I've been planning some gigs for next year too. :awesome: I'm gonna see My Chemical Romance and Maroon 5 in March and White Lies in April, yay. :D What about you? :) When will you break up from school for christmas? :D

  4. Happy Birthday! (:

  5. Happy Birthday! :) xx

  6. happy birthday! :awesome::musesign:

  7. Oh Glastonbury is so cool, I'd love to go there! :D Hmm I have actually just seen Muse on their own gigs. But in festivals I've seen Bullet For My Valentine, Mew, 30 Seconds To Mars, Rammstein, Lordi (lol) and.... I guess that's it. :L oh and I've seen some random finnish bands that aren't worth the mention, you wouldn't know them anyways :D

    Andd when 30 seconds to mars, My Chemical Romance, Hurts and Arctic Monkeys come to Finland for the next time, I'll definitely go there! :awesome:

  8. Gooood. :yesey:

    Oh a lot of bands there :LOL: Some of those are pretty awesome. :awesome: I mostly listen to rock and alternative music. I'll just mention some of them: Arctic Monkeys, Hurts, Paramore, Metallica, Rammstein, 30 Seconds To Mars, Mew, Bullet for my valentine, Pendulum, Biffy Clyro, White Lies, McFly, System of a down, Jet, The Killers, The Maine, My Chemical Romance and some others too maybe. :p I looooooooove British bands as you can probably see. And Tom Felton, he's good :D

    What bands have you seen live? :awesome:

  9. Hello there! Salty confetti ftw! :D

  10. Yeah me neither! :awesome:

    Ummm I hope soon! :erm: But it will probably take a few years, since their making the album. That's pretty coool but I hope they do it quickly lol :yesey: Can't wait to a new tour to begin :D I'm sure they'll come to Finland again and I'd love to go to the next Wembley gigs too. :happy: And you'll be there too, right? On the barrier ofcourse. :D

    Btw, what other bands do you like? :)

  11. Haha yeah. We had standing tickets too, I was on the barrier on Chris' side and two of my friends were right behind me. It was pretty awful at some point when all the people were pushing so hard and sometimes it was hard to even breath. But I'm not gonna complain, it was so awesome. :D

    I'm a huge fan of White Lies too! I saw them first time live when they were warming up for Muse in Helsinki, Kaisaniemi Park. I hadn't heard ther music before that but they were so awesome that I started to listen to them after the gig! Do you like Biffy Clyro? I had actually heard only one of their songs before Wembley, but they were so gooood live that I had to start listening to them too. :awesome:

    Yeah British Muse fans are amazing! :cool:

    Oh yeah I know that feeling :LOL: Luckily my two best friends are huge Muse fans so atleast I can talk with them about Muse. :D

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