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    Rammstein. Slipknot.Suicide Silence. Lamb of God. Chimaira. Cradle of Filth. Pendulum. Devildriver. The Defiled. The Prodigy. Radiohead. The xx. Whitechapel. Chase + Status. Borgore. Machine Head. Dimmu Borgir. Behemoth. In This Moment. Bring Me The Horizon. Hollywood Undead. Rusko. Rage Against The Machine. Metallica. Slayer. Bob Marley. KoRn. Dope. Midnight Beast. Hadouken!. Hatebreed. Iron Maiden. Gallows. Nirvana..
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    The Dark Knight. Batman Begins.Shaun of the Dead. Hot Fuzz. Let The Right One In. (500) Days of Summer. Inception. True Grit. Corpse Bride. The Shining. Nightmare Before Christmas.
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    South Park. My Name Is Earl. Inbetweeners. Simpsons. Family Guy. Misfits..
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    I can't afford much extra muse stuff alas but i have their inspiration.. and all the lyrics in my head (':
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    Teignmouth- 2009
    Glastonbury -2010
  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :xmas:

  2. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :xmas:

  3. i bought it the other week. piano, guitar and vocal. it says deluxe edition but it was normal ( expensieve) price. i was quite surpised to see it there i just walked in a music shop and there it was. i bought it in bristol so it should be available everywhere..
  4. If the BBC do something stupid like cut out even one song I will actually go crazy! x) and ooh can't wait for Manchester :D only a few hundred more days! :p

  5. aaww sad times. hopefully the bbc will do some decent coverage this year. manchester? might see you there!

  6. 1.Hyper Chondriac Music 2.Eternally Missed 3.Fury 4.Dead Star (or Futurism if you're being pedantic about b-sides) 5.Glorious
  7. emo emo emo.. do not know how it possible to hold such an opinion
  8. call me stoopid but what the fuck are ISPs? typical! bellamy posts and am too thick to understand a word. EDIT: i have expanded my knowledge and now have some idea of what they are, there is hope yet
  9. would travel across the world if i could afford it. does bristol to manchester count?
  10. No :'( but my friend is and she say's she'll record it all for me :L and I will definitely watch every single second on the tv! I am seeing them in Manchester in September though :D

  11. yeah. i'm sure they'll be awesome. are you?

  12. Oh me neither :D are you going to Glasto?

  13. i'm good. can't wait till muse at glasto

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