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  1. Some of you may know that back in 2016 I did an English paper for my ENG 150 class on Muse's Genre. I posted a link to the survey here then (This thread here.).Out of curiosity, I'm releasing an updated version of the survey that I'm releasing on multiple platforms (Reddit, Twitter, Discord, Tumblr, Facebook, and the Muse.Mu forums). I got a lot of interesting results last time, so I'm interested in what I'll get this time. Feel free to share the survey link with friends, whether they're casual listeners or in as deep as you all are! I'll be sharing the results whenever I stop getting responses via a dropbox link in this thread here. The survey itself has been updated to include the singles we've been given from Simulation Theory, and now has Exogenesis Symphony as three parts, as TypeForm now allows you to have more than 150 questions. Other changes include the addition of "Pop" as one of the base genres I stupidly forgot to add it last time and Neutron Star Collision is now also included, for whatever that's worth.
  2. So I handed in this 10 page monster of a paper a week after it was due (whoops) and still managed to get an 83. It's not quite what I was hoping for as an outcome (please remember I finished this at one in the morning...) and I'm going to attempt to attach the entire paper in this post. Hopefully . I've also attached the lit review (I got an 87 for that, yay B+) I had to do for it, so hopefully that uploads as well. Both had to be resaved as PDFs so that's a thing). Please let me know if you have any issues lit review muse PDF.pdf Research Paper #2 Muse PDF.pdf
  3. **Bumping this as I am still in need of responses for the survey, here is the link again for anyone who wishes to complete it: https://ariel66.typeform.com/to/uyFCWy I'd like to restate that only the album genres are required, and songs/b-sides are OPTIONAL
  4. I actually had Who Knows Who on there originally, along with the Grand Omega Bosses Edit of Assassin as well as Neutron Star Collision, however, with these songs (as well as a few others) I wouldn't have been able to finish Drones' tracklisting, so Exogenesis, which was originally split into all three parts, was narrowed down to one, and I omitted some of the B-Sides. I'll probably make some kinda google docs powerpoint with pie graphs of results just for the forum, as I obviously can't put that into a paper
  5. Yeah I would put stuff like Baroque, Romantic, etc. as I do play upright bass orchestrally, it is my major, but I know a lot of people don't know the difference. I mean, Rachmaninoff and Chopin can both be argued as being Romantic, but on the other hand Saint-Saens (IBTY) can be classified as both romantic and 20th century depending on when the piece it was, so I figured using classical as a universal term would make sense for people in general, symphonic=classical. If I recall, surprisingly few people have listed USOE as being classical or having classical influences despite the heavy orchestral arranging, but the whole point of this is to find out everyone's opinions anyways, so it works out.
  6. Yeah I realized way after that I forgot pop, I mean Starlight, but i'd have to edit every single questions to do so and I've already got like 25 responses so it'd probs skew the data all weird like. Also metal, a lot of people defined some OOS and Abso stuff as some genre or subgenre of metal. This is why I included the 'other' bit
  7. I've gotten a few amusing responses so far, especially in the 'other section' for some, Panic Station had a particularly amusing response from one person on the forums (this was also posted on tumblr). I plan on making some form of pie graphs once I've collected enough overall data, as well as specifics from just the forums responses as well as responses from tumblr. The paper is due...sometime in May I think? Possibly late April, I don't have the handout with me. But I should have finished responses by then, I'd think. If people want I can send over the finished paper as well . (also thanks to all who have completed so far, I've gotten a lot of responses from the forums like I had hoped for)
  8. Hi everyone, For my research paper in my English class we're allowed to choose what topic we wanted to do, and I, deciding to challenge myself, picked the research question of "What genre are Muse?". Part of this project requires that we use primary sources, and that includes surveys, so I ask that you complete this survey based on how you interpret genres for both albums and individual songs (only the albums are required, each individual song is optional and can be skipped). It's a bit long, but includes all seven albums and nearly every b-side. I feel that the muse.mu forum is the best place to gather data considering how knowledgable the majority of the members are about the band. https://ariel66.typeform.com/to/uyFCWy Please let me know if you think I can do anything to change it to make it better or easier to understand.
  9. That makes sense, I guess the line is just really cringey for me? Also the clarification of being the character helps too. Just the line on its own I guess heh. I guess its hard to relate when you've never been in a relationship
  10. I still can't stand some of the lyrics in Dead Inside (apologies if this was brought up earlier in the thread, not a lot of time to go back and check.) I'd say it counts as silly when Matt says "on the outside i'm the greatest guy, but now i'm dead inside" i've just...never really seen him as outright saying that he's the greatest?
  11. aww I didn't know the Japanese bonus tracks counted, Fury and Glorious are also up there..
  12. Showbiz: Sober Origin: Hyper Music Hullabaloo: Nature_1 Abso: Butterflies & Hurricanes BHAR: Knights of Cydonia TR: Unnatural Selection T2L: Panic Station Drones: Defector
  13. in my defense it was the only one I could think of that I even semi dislike on Showbiz . There seems to be a lot of Sober based hate in this thread but I like Sober quite a bit as well, for whatever reason it always sounds...fresh to me? Maybe its the instrumentation, maybe I'm just over analyzing it because of all of the theory I've taken. Though actually, part writing, at least for Bach you're supposed to avoid moving octaves, and that's most of Chris' bassline at that part, but I doubt they follow part writing.
  14. Showbiz: Escape-Overdue-HTAILY Escape has one of my favorite lines "I'll take back all the things that I said, I didn't realise I was always talking to the living dead" so its mainly just here to be able to put HTAILY in tbh. For whatever reason I just always end up skipping it on my iPod, too slow? It actually just came on in my shuffle...and I'm not skipping it this time for this express reason... OOS: tbh I can't choose from OOS, everyone seems to hate on FG, but I mean, I much prefer the Muse version to the Michael Buble version. Plus its actually the first version I had ever heard. Abso: Blackout-B&H-TSP this is just because Blackout is my least fave on the album, I love B&H and TSP so its really just because of Blackout and I reallly didn't want to include Hysteria. BHAR: Soldier's Poem-Invincible-Assassin same as most, I love Assassin, and actually Invincible due to the instrumentation, actually I love Soldier's Poem as well due to the instrumentation so just disregard this entirely. The Resistance: USOE-Guiding Light-Unnatural Selection I love USOE and Unnatural Selection but I really really really hate Guiding Light. I don't think I've ever listened to it the entire way through, even while listening for the angry Italian neighbor, Matt just seems...far too whiny? T2L: Animals-Explorers-Big Freeze Idk I didn't really like most of T2L tbh, though I've warmed up to Madness a bit since its initial release, especially considering I saw it live last month, it seems more tolerable for me live. Drones: Dead Inside-[Drill Sergeant]-Psycho I love Psycho, the Drill Sergeant bit was amazingly fun live, but I still feel like Dead Inside belongs on T2L, which also happens to be my least favorite album. Even seeing Dead Inside live was incredibly awkward. When Matt starts it live he sounds incredibly forced and awkward, also a bit out of key? Maybe its just me, but I noticed it both at the show I was at as well as the live recordings I've seen. It's just not a very good live song tbh.
  15. A few nights ago I had one where I had to replace Chris because he broke his arm again, like on the Abso tour, but seeing as Morgan needs to stay in his hole playing all the parts Matt isn't, they needed someone else to play bass and thought because I already knew all of Chris' parts it would work fine? (though tbh all i've really learned from drones so far is Psycho so I mean it would be a v heavily older album influenced playlist, which I'm sure fans would go batshit crazy over because I know stuff like The Groove, Eternally Missed, Nature_1 and of course the majority of Showbiz, Origin, etc. people would basically love it I'd think). Tho some other bassist girl tried taking my spot because shes "not currently studying" but somehow I convinced my bass professor that I needed "hands on experience"? Either way, this isn't the first time i've dreamt that I had to replace Chris but I mean, I just don't want the poor guy to actually break his arm?
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