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  1. I have been hearing a lot of talk from people that Muse might do some more shows in the U.S. like maybe some areas they missed on the first round. And the first time they toured during the winter and Holidays and it wasn't exactly peaches and cream so it would make sense. And they only did like 15 U.S. shows the first round. So it would make sense. I have several radio friends and also roadie friends that are actually in the union (yes there is a union for roadies that work concerts) because these guys work at various shows like temp workers. One night they might work for Muse and the next day they will work for a country artist. Also venues have their own people and that is where the chatter is coming from. But I am suspecting it might be very last minute. It could also happen in Oct and Nov right before the holidays considering Matt and the guys now have places in Los Angeles.
  2. yeah everyone for months on here were complaining about this very reason why they didn't want a US Tour during Winter in the North East. I am in Buffalo and I actually got tickets for Vegas on the original date and couldn't make it for the reschedule. My Gf and I were last minute thinking about one of the up coming shows since numerous people mentioned there is going to be no second leg for the U.S. Really sucks man, I have been there so many times driving in this shit and last year we got nailed here. I honestly think Muse is going to have to cancel some of those shows coming up, there is actually going to be state of emergencies and shutting down high ways in the next coming days in a lot of areas of these coming dates.
  3. haha I love the comment 40 year olds need to stay out of the GA area! First off, I really believe what happened at the Staples Center, is you have major class-ism in the LA - Area. A lot of those best seats were hogged up by wealthy people or people with family connections with Favor's from Radio Stations, media outlets to advertisers family members! I worked in Radio for years and I mean big corp stations to little city stations. The freebies that are given away to someone's niece of a a owner of a car dealer ship that spends a boat load of advertising at station would make your head spin. I am talking about tickets, limo and meeting the artist and side stage passes. And these spoiled kids expect it! So I am pretty sure majority of those older Folks in GA at Staples center have ties to the concert industry or just have money to blow. So in general when you have jaded folks, it takes a lot for them to get excited! I don't think it has anything to do with age! I am around the same age as MUSE, I do not act my age as far as it goes to having fun, But I am not an asshole and nor do I act like a annoying drunk. My gf who is way younger then me laughs at how everyone is shocked at how old I am because I look like I just turned 22. But someone made a good point in this thread, some of the older acts Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, AC/DC, Billy Joel, Metallica etc.. wipe the floor with a lot these younger groups. Sir Paul has done close to a 3 hour show on almost every date of his last tour! 3 HOURS! He's turning 74 this coming year!
  4. That's what I am going to do and then maybe later buy paper tickets to one of their later shows. I will never buy will-call hold at Venue ever again, not worth the bullshit!
  5. man this is the pits. Why would Muse allow only will-call for GA presale? You know how hard it is for me even to some what get my money back? It's almost impossible to sell tickets when you tell people "Oh I have to call to change your name, oh trust me blah blah", like no one trusts ya! I even offered a few people to pay me after the show and we can work something out with their info and write up a sales contract and still no-go! Anyone know anyway around this, I mean this can't be legal to do this to Ticket buyers. I know in New York they strict laws on this. And I noticed I was not notified about the stipulations until I was sent my receipt. That's a pretty shitty thing to do! And also it says the name can be only changed as late as a business day (mon-fri) before the day of the show? But what if the show is on a Sunday? How could this be legal?
  6. As I mentioned before in this thread on this subject. My gf and I actually live in the Buffalo area, the south towns area that is the southern suburbs to Buffalo, And that storm nailed us last year! It was one of the worst snow storms I have Ever been in and I grew up in Syracuse, NY and the winters there are pretty intense Too! But not just that early November storm (yes November!!!) last year, was the most snow in one week I have ever been a part of, but all of last Year it snowed so much here non stop from November to mid April, my gf and I Decided we were moving to Los Angeles (where she is from) after Christmas. For the people that don't live or have lived with these conditions, you will never Understand until you actually live in it as a daily life. Remember it is just not the driving It's the shoveling and commuting and hoping whatever road you take it is plowed! My gf and I just got back from camping an hour and a half away the middle of no where And we actually had the discussion about imagining how awful the drive would have Been just an hour and half away caught in a bad snow storm. And then I started telling Her about this thread and how people are pissed that Muse might be doing a winter Tour in the north east and she does not blame people for being annoyed .
  7. I remember their last tour through the States, it was in the middle of Winter and it's brutal conditions during those months. If anyone Remembers they played Columbus,Ohio, Cleveland and Cincinnati and hardly sold tickets for those shows. I think I remember people saying the Columbus show hardly had 30 percent capacity filled up. On that same note my GF and I decided last minute in 2011 to drive 7 hours to do a road trip and see them in Indiana. Only 8,200 people were at that show and it felt so intimate. The week before or so, Nickelback played the Same Venue (outside Amphitheater) and I read it was close to 40 thousand people. Go Figure!
  8. well if they are taping that show for DVD etc since everyone said there are massive cameras there, don't worry they will mix in more people cheering later on. Sucks it was that empty in the Balcony, I see at least over 100 empty spots from that pic.
  9. OMG I understand there will be people talking during a concert and mingling. But this is fucking ridiculous! jesus shut the F-Up!
  10. My gf and I just saw Arcade Fire in Cleveland a few weeks ago and it was an amazing show. We were planning on going to Coachella, and wanted to do the second weekend but being that the the Sunday falls on Easter, that threw a whole monkey wrench into it. We and I am sure many other people hardly see their families as it is, and being from the East Coast it was just a no brainer to pass. I noticed there are a ton of people selling second weekend passes and everything, and mentioning how they didn't realize the second weekend falls right on Easter. I kind of think it was a major bonehead move from Promoters to do it on that weekend. It wouldn't have killed them to move it back or ahead one week.
  11. First of all that Review is shit, and I read it all. And the guy sounds like an idiot. And to be fair, the guy never saw Muse's real tour shows. He saw them for the first time ever at a festival which not only the power went out numerous times but I heard through tons of people there were sound problems through the whole set. My gf and I decided for the money that we would have to pay (forced to buy 3 day passes) and DM played the same time as MUSE anyways, it was a total rip off and ACL has the gulls to charge 100 bucks a day for parking, and not to mention hotel or renting some place. Flight+lodging+passes, it was easily close to 3 grand just for 1 weekend. I rather pay a thousand dollars for front row in Pittsburgh or Cleveland in the middle of Winter! I was excited when they announced Muse playing ACL but the organizers did a total cash grab this year. And lets be honest people, that setlist considering the audio problems was not worth all that money and I am a huge Muse fan.
  12. I use to work in radio and as much as you think this is a fan event. It is actually So infested with radio corp people in the audience and spoiled kids of big advertisers From Clear Channels stations across the country it has been a joke of festival to a lot Of people. Clear Channel is a huge radio conglomerate and artists play here as a thank you for the songs being spun on their stations. When my gf saw this gig announced she was ecstatic but then I informed her about it more she said forget it!
  13. Voodoo Experience Fest is going to Announce a third headliner And additional bands real soon but leaked this photo the other day. There have been rumors for a while they were coming back to New Orleans! https://m.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=10151576475778895&id=15651303894&set=a.402035513894.177501.15651303894&__user=207803165
  14. Voodoo Experience Fest is going to Announce a third headliner And additional bands real soon but leaked this photo the other day. There have been rumors for a while they were coming back to New Orleans! https://m.facebook.com/voodooexperience?refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2Furl&refid=9&_rdr#!/photo.php?fbid=10151576475778895&id=15651303894&set=a.402035513894.177501.15651303894&__user=207803165
  15. Well looks like this year the promoters of aclfest are doing a total cash grab! This year they are no longer selling single day passes, and you can't sell or Remove your wrist band and sell or give to someone to use for a day. They are also having some new system where they are going to make it A real pain in the ass for people to sell their passes. I was really dying To see Muse at ACL this year but 225 bucks to see a lot of bands I really Don't care about (I mean there are some great bands besides Muse) But not enough to justify being hosed for 225 bucks and being packed In like sardines and moved around like cattle. For 200 bucks you can get some pretty killer seats to some of Muse's Stadium shows. And those extra VIP and platinum packages are for suckers with holes In their pockets. These fests are starting to become a joke.
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