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  1. Not sure but I'm very pleased as long as they don't. Sometimes the truth is harsh.
  2. As much as like Bliss, I personally don't see much of a point in playing Bliss as he can barely sing it anyway, it just sounds strained and in recent years he also messes up the vocal rhythm/timing. IMO it may have been a better fit if some of Bliss was implemented as part of the medley, and New Born instead was played in it's entirety.
  3. I think it's good they set for a gospel version of Dig Down, as it would be too similar to Madness otherwise (which, at the other hand, they wouldn't need to play at all if I were to decide). I think the song I least want them the keep is Mercy, I don't like the way Matt have messed up the rhythm and timing of the vocals the last couple of years. It's sound so much worse than it did when Drones came out. It's not the only song affected by this, but here it's as it most evident and annoying IMO. I'd also prefer Blockades over Propaganda, and perhaps The Void somehere at the end, maybe as closer? MOTP would fit very well with the overall setting and colour scheme, too. The shows of this tour looks very cool and nice visually though, I must say, and the use of people on stage didn't turn out the way I feared. It's being implemented tastefully overall.
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