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  1. In response to your post in the "What are you playing right now ?" forum: Which editions of Smackdown and Grand Theft Auto did you actually play ?. I have just recently completed GTA: San Andreas and have now moved onto Vice City. Now that is no easy feat, I assure you.

  2. "'I just want to hold you here in my arms...' He did!"??? Does that mean that you've actually met Matt???

  3. I'm great! And, er, no I wasn't actually talking about your av. I was refering to the converstion we started ages ago. Easy mistake to make! :D Come to think about it though, your avatar is verging on just a little bit hypnotic:eek:

  4. No biscuits?:eek: What a shame

  5. Hello! Thanks for accepting my friend request!:D

  6. Thanks for adding me:D

  7. Do you like Franz?

  8. :stongue:Hello. How are you?

  9. Your sig is a line from the Scissor Sister's 'Tits On The Radio', right?

  10. I see you have a Grant av.:D Neat.

  11. Hi, I was just wondering why I can't access the Q&A page? I've tried going on it a few times but the pop-up keeps saying that I can't. I don't know if its because I only joined this year ( and the answers were last year), or what.

  12. Ah! Good old Mr T!!!:awesome:

  13. Thanks for the add:)

  14. Why on Earth do you have Fred Dinneage as your avatar??

  15. Darn! This thing can just get so confusing! How are you anyway?

  16. Hello! How are you?:)

  17. Hello! You just added me, right?

  18. I guessed because well, you know, your undertitle sort of gave it away...

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