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  1. Wowee zowee

    Message Board Software Change

    Haha cheers!
  2. Wowee zowee

    Message Board Software Change

    Ah I’m not that bothered. For some reason I could choose the same username.
  3. Wowee zowee

    Message Board Software Change

    R.I.P my old account. No idea what email address I used in 2003.
  4. game iwin good, game teen teen 3D game ionline , game game iwin hot game bigone HOT

  5. :ha: :D shame I'm at work until 2:(

  6. Mike Anderson has one good line in the whole episode. You'll know it when you see it.

  7. My fav <3 I want a Doakes bobble head for christmas

  8. Been rewatching Season 2. SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER.

    Doakes is about to die. :(


    Lila was hot, too. I forgot about her.

  9. Yeah he just seemed too out of character almost during his evil spell. Haha M.C. Hall would rock a bitchin' tache that's for sure :yesey: Excited for the new ep tonight!

  10. Good Dexter ep. I don't like evil Dexter though..unless he gets a doppleganger moustache:yesey:

  11. That is le sad. :( Oh well, I'm heading off to work+class soon so will not be able to console you once you've finished watching it. Also, this is only a minor spoiler, but it's worth noting:


    We don't see Anderson AT ALL during this episode :'(


  12. It may take some time as it appears that the entire internet is downloading it. BOOOO.

  13. Nice :D Hurry up and watch it so I can talk about it. :p

  14. It's downloading.