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  1. ahh yeah i remember those - couldn't forget that manson tele! jesus, that maton is BEAUTIFUL! they make such lovely guitars, but i've never been able to get along with them.. something about the neck just doesn't feel right yep, that would have been me! cole clarks are really fantastic steel-strings. the company was started by the ex-CEO of maton (and i think one of their head luthiers?), but they're very different guitars just had a bit of a google of CC to see what was news and saw this . poor guys!
  2. that guitar is/was very very cool, james is a lucky guy (although so are you, with those axes on the way!) ahh that sucks dude! yeah think it's mostly just been by staying in touch with people from my old school - there was a disproportionate number of quality musos in my year level there, many of whom have stayed really into it haha, one of the small benefits of living in australia with almost no interesting gear available in stores (and what little there is, is insanely expensive..) is that it's hard to GAS properly while at uni . have come very close a few times to buying a 2nd hand jaguar though. one of these days, one of these days... anything to look/sound like gareth liddiard from the drones
  3. hi!!! yay, more names i recognise haha sick, well we've got a few old demos up here (if you want i can shoot you one of the mixes from the new record too)! you playing with anyone atm? still got that case of GAS then? it's a bitch isn't it
  4. hey dude!!! yeah i've been good - current band is going really well (although in classic style, i'm bailing on them to move to the UK just as we're mixing our first album...), how about you? that rat you sold me (that was you, right?) years ago still takes pride of place in my rig - it totally doesn't get along with anything in the rig, but it helps me do a pretty passable sonic youth/MBV impression
  5. i'm about to leave these guys for a couple of years to go travel/study, but it's worth checking out my band alchemy. dirty, (we think) sexy rock'n'roll music: http://www.facebook.com/alchemymelbourne, http://www.soundcloud.com/alchemymelbourne. we've got an album coming out (getting mixed at the moment), which should be pretty excellent
  6. haven't been around these parts in quite a while.. good to see some familiar usernames still keeping K+T honest! anyway, here's my rig as it currently fits together. has developed a fair bit since last i visited here main axe is a fender MIJ tele standard. have had (and abused) this for years. god i love it. got no decent photos, but this is one from a recent gig (spoiler-ed for size): board is pretty modular, depending on what kinda show we're playing. this is the standard setup (most pedals should be pretty familiar - the big blue/purple thing is a digitech jamman something or other. big, versatile, sounds like shit. good for live, shit for recording): amp is a fender hot rod deluxe (pictured here next to our other guit player's LOVELY AC30. say what you will about the chinese-made ones, that thing sounds gorgeous):
  7. Man I feel like a creep now, I remembered I had you on msn and got the name from there.

  8. Ah, lacking in what way? TRUE, I'd totally forgotten about that :LOL:


    Ah, fairs, amazing careers in that area!


    I only know your first name, so that's a bit difficult I think :LOL:

  9. socially its great, although undergrad education is a bit lacking at times (but if youre planning on doing postgrad anyway its fantastic). as for the enter thing - you gotta remember that its just a way of getting into uni. even if you dont get into the course you want, you can transfer. enter scores are not the be all and end all


    my plan atm is to work full-time for a couple of years, then do a masters of marketing or an MBA. getting all corporate and shit haha


    ps. add me on FB or something if you want - much easier to chat that way

  10. Yeah, is it an alright uni though? Ah good, I'm looking forward to uni, I am so tired of school.


    Ah, but because of my methos score I'd need at east 40 raw in everything to get over 97 :\ Oh well!


    Are you going to contiue with uni after you've got your degree?

  11. very similar reasoning to mine in choosing melbs. ugrad science, biomed, and engineering (according to my mates doing them) are pretty good at melbourne so its not a bad choice at all.


    and i wouldnt say over 98 would be a massive 'if' for you. youre smart enough to get into macrob so theres every chance you can get that kinda score!

  12. Oh and if I get over 98, there's a possibility I'll do biomed.


    How could I forget. 99s stick in my head

  13. I suppose melbourne is perfect for me inthat I have no idea whatsoever what I actually want to do. I ideally want to be an astrophysicist but there aren't any jobs in the field so I don't know if it's worth pursuing. So I'm going to do a bach science and during first year decide whether to do engineering or neuroscience.

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