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  1. I went on Muse site and found this link: http://www.nme.com/awardsvote

    vote 4 muse and boosh on there :D speak to ya soon!

  2. I'd really like to hear Uno live these days. I'm really into that song again! I love playing the bass to that song now.

    Who knows if Muse will bring it out of retirement! :D x

  3. Lol I was gonna do a recording for you now but people came home :D

    besides how bad do you want it?? ;) xxxx

  4. lol incase I was way out and you got offended :p

    With girls its really hard to tell! :(

  5. lol Ok and I can't wait for the resistance tour!!!! :p


    Speak soon

  6. Look sorry to be a pain in the arse (as some muse fans can be) but is there anyway you could pass a messege on to Matt, Chris and Dom?? I just want to ask/send them a few questions! I know I submitted a question on the message board but I'll doubt it will get enough votes to make it onto the final shortlist! I know that all of you will be incredibly busy at this current time but as soon as there is any time you could get back to me that be great!

    A (rather) persistant MUSE fan!

  7. Musical evening went very well! Played to over 200 people

    so happy!

  8. No I never went out really some New Years :(! Akhmatova was someone I discovered by accident, just looking through some old books. Unfortunately I lost my copy about a year ago lol... it was so nostalgic Love the new pics btw

    :p xx

  9. No sorry I am from the UK... But I love Russia and Russian culture I am obsessed with it

    Я могу читать и писать в кириллице, но я не могу говорить российский ... все же!

  10. Oh I don't think that it worked for some reason coz of my email address or coz its a phone lol! Anyways though it is good to hear from you again! Hey I found this on youtube btw:


    enjoy x

  11. Oh no woolworths is dead! R.I.P -

    I heard my friend works in one in Huntingdon and the sames happend!

    Soz to hear xx

  12. Ok I don't want to become an annoying nuisance, but I'm just really curious to find out if this is THE MATT BELLAMY'S PROFILE or just a hoax that a fan set up?? It just seems odd that your join up date is 07-03-2003. I would expect that if you are the real Matt, then you are likely to be very busy most of the time so the chances of getting a reply would still be slim anyway! Does Dom & Chris visit this site/have their own profile page as well? I understand that you get this sort of thing from fans all the time so I imagine I'm not the first. I would just like to get the chance to somehow make contact with you, there is just so much I would love to ask you! It just really frustrating that a band that is basically my life, eludes me. I've never come close to seeing you live and I've known you since I very first saw New Born on TOTP! Mind you if your headlining Reading festival 2009 I'm sorted :)! Sorry for the ramble again!

    Take care!!!

  13. Ola :) Some stuff happened today hun so I don't know if I will be here... but you know me I always make an effort for you! Ate Logo


    Beijo :kiss: xxx

  14. Ola como esta??

    Eu falo Ingles e um pouco de Portugues :D

    Diedee has been teaching me portuguese ;) x

  15. Seriously.... I wish!!! Na I think last I heard there are only about 3 in existence! One of Muse have one, some guy got one at an auction (prob cost alot) and I think Dom's ex girlfriend has the other! I know that there are versions on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcvuRTiVHnw&feature=related


    and theres more just take a look ;) hope that helps!!!! xx

  16. Then you know more than most people, I am off now. It was nice talking to you

    Ate-Logo :D

  17. we need to talk about something later hun ;)

    beijo xxx

  18. What shows did you attend? I am pleased Muse will be playing Reading Festival this year...It has been so overdue!

    I hope for some really old OoS songs also! You?

  19. Yeah theres different versions but check them out!

  20. Yes she pretty alright! ;) ha I tend to prefer girls with longer dark hair though...but she is a model :p I know you love our indie music so much! :D x



    Wtf has HYSTERIAc posted there :$

  21. Yes they played at the V Festival when Muse did lol!

    I wish I was there lol!


    Is moscow good for shopping??


  22. Эй я нов! Каков ваш любимый след МУЗЫ прямо сейчас??


    Hey I'm new and I love Russian culture (Im studying it at the minute) Hope my translation is ok, Wow its finally nice to meet a Russian Muse fan! Ad me ;) xx

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