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    Tv On the Radio, Arcade Fire, AC/DC, Eisbrecher, just to name a few.
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  1. Whoah this new tracklisting sounds absolutely crazy! Can't wait to finally hear it and see them after!!! :D x

  2. So where do you live again?

  3. I will maybe go to germany in 2011, then college-possibly-in the UK

  4. I live in America, leaving august 20th to taiwan

  5. Hello again the Holiday is nearly here!!! How ya been?? x


  7. Y Halo thar :D You ok Amanda?? When you gonna come to the UK?

  8. he is what ?????!?!?!?

    owhh how do you know ?


    awww its awesome ! :D

    and where do you live now ? Taiwan or America ? :D

  9. Amazing!! That actor that plays jasper- he's gay in real life. I'm going to taiwan for my student exchange!!!

  10. Hi Amanda how are you ????? :D

  11. Have you heard of The Used?

  12. Thanks, i feel so special now... :)


    No im alright with my drinking, and i dont drive yet anyway. :stunned:


    And i don't know what the rules are like in America anyways... :(

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