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  1. OMMGGG *huggles* Thank you so much :kiss:. And Dom lover :stunned: *sighs* :noey: I'll pay you a day you won't call me a DomLover :LOL:.

    I plan to send you a letter just I am not sure if the address I have is correct or no :stunned: Oh hell - I'll send for the one I have, haha :p.

    I'll check the mail box then :ninja: And thank you that you remembered :kiss:.


    Cheews! AM&ChickenHunterMatt&a secret lover of AM, Dom :ninja:


    :kiss:. Talk to ya soon :supersad:.

  2. :eek: AMMMMMM !! , :'( I have missed youu loads ,*supermassive hugs*


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOM LOVER :D :D :party:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Dom: We love you AM , Hope you had a great birthday !

    Matt: :eyebrows:



    :LOL: Sorry iam abit late :(, Damn cant Believe your 18 wooh!! Ohh my the year are flying by :stunned:


    hmm you should have a letter coming to you in the post in the next couple of days i thinks :ninja: , hope its the right address though haha


    Well i have to run as morgans trying to look for me :eek: god damn him !! :LOL:


    CHEERS AM :cool:



  3. Thanks:D:kiss:

  4. Happy Birthdayy Anne :D:party: Hope you had a great day :) xxx

  5. If Matt's santa I would like to get that Santa :chuckle: But it was Dom dressed up as Santa at Top of the pops :stunned: errrr :erm: So let's say I want Matt :$.


    And hello :p. How's you hun? Long time no see :supersad: and also Mewwy Khristmas and Happy New Year to you too :kiss:.

  6. Hellooooo AM !!! :D :santa:


    Oh i hope your okay my dearest :yesey: hmmm tis christmas tomorrow :D && am at work :stunned: god damn it :facepalm: but i guess it shall be a good day still :D


    hmmm i thinks you shall get something in the post soon :D:ninja: i wouldnt no anything about it though :rolleyes: haha well if i dont speak to you before tomorrow have a great day && i hope santabellamy gives you everything you wish for :)


    with Love Parris && Tarzan :LOL:!!


    x x x x

  7. just enter on this page: http://anniemusse.deviantart.com/art...2010-145742798 and click in "download" (left side) and you will find the ".rar" file who contains the whole muse calendar 2010! kisses!

  8. Helllo :) ahh you say a muse calander for FREE !?! :eek: how can I get this ? :D x

  9. where is ya?! when I need ya?! :supersad:.

  10. it's ok, plz help me to spread it :) we talk on the internet at first and now they are my friends :D I'm so busy this years, every week I need to have 2 test :supersad:

    how about you? :rolleyes:

  11. Keane !! :D i couldnt help myself but watch your video you posted on AM's profile ! :LOL: tis a good video :yesey: wish my friends liked muse :rolleyes:


    How's you anyways ? x

  12. :eek: OMMGGG, you were here :supersad:.
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