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  1. 5:30am indeed. The security told us we were 12 hrs early! :LOL: We were so stoked to be the first ones there :chuckle:. I did listen to the previews and I hated Resistance the most but I actually loved it when I heard it in full and I still do. UD was amazing that first night in Teignmouth too :chuckle:.


    I was seated quite near the stage, on Chris' side with Pope and Bob as I was Pope's +1. We had really good seats - I had a good rave to MK up there. :D I'm going to see them in America in April so I'm hoping for the awesomeness they are displaying now to continue. Or as you say, I'll throw more than beer mats! :D


    You are going to both nights at Wembley?

  2. Yeah I'd say it has been a busy year, hard times for lots of people. Sigh.

    I work nights, so from 6-12 or sometimes 3-12:30am depending on when I am needed. Very tiring and completely messes up my sleep pattern coming home so late. Not that I come in any earlier on a night out, but...y'know? Not the same! :chuckle: Uni and work don't cross paths too often.


    We have been to quite a few, Teignmouth was epic. I was on the barrier on the first night, we were there at half 5 that morning - first people there. :D I was so proud! :chuckle: I really enjoyed the first night at the o2 despite the rubbish set. Probably because I was raving with everyone though, I barely looked at the stage :LOL:. Did you go both nights? I was seated on the Friday night.


    Yay Norn Iron! :D

  3. Yes, I am glad I get to go home after and not worry about the cleaning up hehe. :D I have my money on certain people embarrassing themselves but that's mostly because I know them to well :chuckle:.


    Insolvency sounds interesting indeed - works with bankruptsy and liquidation etc? Or am I thinking of the wrong job description? :$:LOL:. Feel sorry for the people it affects I guess.


    Oh I work in a petrol station/shop/off licence combo part time when I'm not at uni but I'm looking for something more full time now that I am only in 1 day a week.


    I just read through the gigs you've attended, both o2 dates? I never ran into you at all. Sigh!

  4. It might, but we will see. If I re-dye it my hair might fall out...and I don't have that much to start with :chuckle:.

    Ah a 9-5'er? What's your call of work?

    My week is so so, going to a house party tomorrow night. Hurrah! :D

  5. Hey, I'm good thanks.

    Cheers, it's a bit more red/pink than the violet colour it was intended to be :chuckle:. How are you?

  6. Yeah it was originally just me but Paedo Bear has been there a while now. :D

  7. Haha, long story.

    Once there was epic beef between KitnTab and Banter and somehow my avatar was brought into it and a KittenTabber added Paedo Bear in the background. I've no idea why! :LOL:

  8. Oh, lol thanks!

  9. You said that people in YMT don't like you, and I meant that you are a banter person now and you are liked in there. You live with us. :happy:

  10. Friday I'm guessing?

  11. I'm working on Saturday!!! :'(

  12. Is danger the girl who met them?

    Also, when is pre-sale etc?

  13. You are going?!

    Unf. Eeeeps!

  14. It's very tempting Rawra!

    I might get a ticket and plan flights later!

  15. Ooooh!

    Sorry! I got a load of random adds from people I didn't know so I just hit block on most of them! I'll sort that out now! I didn't do it intentionally.


  16. Hey, come to the meet today!

  17. I recognised Niall from Teignmouth but thought you were just a friend of his.

    You didn't even say who you were! Fiend! :LOL:.

    Yeah it's on Sunday, Pope, Olly, Lo and I have to stay in Stansted on Saturday night because we wouldn't be there in time for the 8am flight. Good times! You should come visit us, we could have a meet in the terminal. :chuckle:

    Well yes and no, my first gig was Marlay last year, but I will have been to 7 this year. :facepalm:. I don't even want to think of how much money I have spent. Lol.

  18. Lol no way was that you? I am only realising that now! So London wasn't the first time we met, when I was stumbling through the tube station shouting for Pope to stop and said HAI. :chuckle:

    Apparently more tickets will go on sale when people don't pay the rest of the money. I want to go to Glasto but if not there isn't much I can do lol.

    Where do you live then?

    Milan does sound pretty cheap, Limoges was cheap enough too...we got a good deal.



  19. Milan eh? A few of us talked about going to that gig. I have tickets for the Wembley gig but atm I want to find a Glasto ticket then I'll think about other stadiums lol.

    Dublin? Why Dublin?

    Or is that what you did for Dublin...did I meet you in Dublin?

  20. O hai!

    Sleep yet?

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