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  1. how is it that we are not friends on here?

  2. Im going out tomorrow night.

    It doesnt look like im going out on saturday night but damn it i'll try and get someone to head out lol...what about you? you going to be out?

  3. im great, how are you?


    I went n bought more make up today...I need to stop hehe!

    You been up to much?

  4. I miss our banter!! :(

  5. helloooooooooooooo

    where are you? :(

  6. Trying to ignore the fact the flu is slaying me. and im listening to Uno...and just talking to people on msn. Pretty useless night really lol what abt youuuuu?

  7. tut tut!!


    we are members of jimmy kane airlines but not friends on the forum! shameful!! o well...tis sorted now! :D


  8. how is it that you were not added as a friend previously?? :(

  9. Watching a show about botox. it looks so sore. ouch ouch ouch lol

  10. hey hey!


    yellow trousers...awesome!

    I tried my red ones on last night...blinding! lol

    sup? :)

  11. hoosiers...pfft...get outta town!! lol


  12. No way, im an epic fail!!

    Spider dom...Spider dom!


  13. Aww your a star...speak to you tmorrow!

    Night! :)

  14. Aww thanks.

    To be honest I know I failed the first 2...the first one the 2 topics i revised came up in 1 whole question rather than two seperate ones so id no idea what to write for the 2nd...and i didnt go to my 2nd exam because I thought i knew enough for the previous exam so didnt revise for it.

    I have one tomrrow that i am also going to fail...my mother will kill me! eek.

  15. I wasnt there til like 6pm anyway and the majority were in the pit. *sigh* o well, we will all meet again! lol. yeah im ok,. exam tomorrow which i am totally going to fail bt thats how i roll lol. im converting my friends to the ways of Muse. they shall see the light. lol


    *i posted this into my own bloody page...im a dork. lol

  16. hello you.

    i am raging abt marlay...so many board people and i didnt meet any of you.

    hows things?

  17. lol it made me laugh!!

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