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  1. It's just above my shoulders.


  2. I have long hair again. :awesome:

  3. Guess who's going to the Ukraine? :awesome:

  4. http://board.muse.mu/showpost.php?p=8800190&postcount=511


    Last sentence will be relevant to your interests....appaz they don't do much....:

  5. It better happen. I will be sad if not. :(

  6. LOL.

    I was at work. Don't worry. I'm home now. :awesome:

  7. I won't let me PM you.

  8. I have tried sending you a PM with your Secret Santa info but it won't allow me. If you have a full inbox you will need to delete items, or change your settings to allow PMs.




    I posted pics and vids from last night. Thought you'd like to see. :$

  10. Yes I am going to see Gaga. Well I'm meant to be. It's all a bit awkward at the minute as my ex has my ticket and he wants to go see her with me (standing tix you see) and I'd rather go alone than with him. :$ But, should be fine. :happy: I'm very excited! :D


    Any gigs coming up for you?


    And baths are ACE.

  11. Hello! Yes I am good thanks, and yourself? :happy:

  12. Emessen.

    You fiend.

  13. Come on msn...:$

  14. Rawra, I see you in September. It will be a glorious month! :happy:

  15. I have heard Bliss live, unfortunately it was my first Muse gig so I didn't appreciate it as much as I should. I also got to hear Dead Star and Space Dementia that night. <3


    TFM kicks TF's ass though. It's on a totally different level. If she'd scrapped all of TF bar LoveGame, Pokerface and Just Dance and kept those for TFM it would have been an amazing first album.

  16. Heh.

    I still haven't changed my undertitle. With it, my sig and avatar you'd think I was a member of Gaga's site, not Muse's.


    I'm listening to Exo III (not 4 lol) atm, it's awesome. <3

  17. Oh no don't feel like that lol! I was only joking about, I wouldn't hate on a fellow Gaga lover. :happy: I feel bad now. :$

  18. Msn.


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