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  1. He's playing Minecraft or something ridiculous. Very boring.

  2. What time do they usually go? I am SO bored it's ridic.

  3. Where are you? I'm bored.

  4. Hah, that's just Sip I think. :chuckle: I don't think so. Surely not!

  5. Haha aww! Has he spoken today?

  6. Ari is great :yesey: although I hope he doesn't read this, his head would explode lol. Aww, why's Sip ignoring you?

  7. Nah. My cousin never got back to me, I'm not impressed. So Ari and I watched a film/skyped for a while!

  8. I am, just about! how was your party?! :happy:

  9. Mkekko96.

    Shut up.

  10. tiem to sleep.

    viewing printable version. lol.

    dork <3

  11. Hah, <3. Yes, that would be it.

    Success. Most ridiculous PM ever.

  12. Hah, I have no idea? I think it's meant to say "nip". :LOL:

  13. jazz

    all jazz

  14. You have a face!

  15. Hi <3

    How are you?

  16. Of course. I'm getting it cut slightly on Saturday, but only the layers, not the length.

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