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  1. I will txt you!!

  2. No, I forget about it half the time because noone usually posts in it.

    I replied in mine and left a "<3" in yours.

  3. YES!!

    I need to book my flights but yes, I will be there I think! :D

    Did you get msn sorted? :)

  4. No problem! :)

    Are you on msn?


  5. Merry Christmas Kaddy! :)

  6. Hai Amii.

    I added you on msn!


  7. I will have to fly or take a boat? lol

    Have you spoken to the girl who screwed you over yet?

    I really do love the name change hehe! :D

  8. Not at all, I really liked it.

    I used to have a bebo skin with those little donut dudes in it, I just thought it was a random thing someone made - they are so cute!! :D

  9. I only just realised who this was.

    Name change totally confused me! :LOL:

    How are you?

  10. I have a love/hate relationship with my job. I have such brilliant banter with the staff but my boss is an arse, but I suppose you get that everywhere. What sort of new job were you thinking of?

    Yeah I am kind of scared to back out driving because it is pretty icy this morning...:$. Mum said I have to get back out there though because if I stop out of fear I wont go back.

  11. I lost control of it on Friday morning when I was on my way to college. Foolishly took a country road and lost control on black ice...it was -1 outside that morning. :facepalm: Crashed into a wall, not a pretty sight! :(

    Where do you work?

  12. hai!

    Im grand, waiting for my car to be taken away! :(

    How are you! :)

  13. Yeah I got up about half 1 I think.

    Sundays are so lame.

  14. yes we are!

    norn iron ftw!

    how are you?

  15. Hey, no problem at all! :D

    Do you have msn? (I sound super sleeazy!) lol

  16. where the hell are you?

  17. Birthday parties are fun but I dont know if i can be bothered going lol. im in a wierd mood. i say that now but i know tmorow il be totally hyped and ready to go - and i have 2 dresses that are dying to be worn so il have to wear them lol.

    aww man drunken txts are the worst lol. but usually the funniest. same with drunken answer phone messages. o god. i left some mad ones. lol

  18. hey :)

    Yeah it was ok, im at a birthday party tomorrow night and saturday night! got 2 pretty dresses. eek. and yeah i cant believe its friday almost, the week has completely flew by! :D are you going out?

  19. you seem to be doing pretty damn well by yourself.

    tis an amusing read.

  20. Alix!

    You make me laugh alot so I had to add you. obv. lol

  21. facebook is shit.




    jeez! lol

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