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  1. Just finished up. Really enjoyed my fourth show!!!
  2. My fiance and I are up from DFW area. Made a weekend out of it and hit up Hard Rock Casino and the aquarium this weekend. Grabbing a bite right now then off to the Center. In GA not really interested in standing in line early though. Too cold for that :-) PS. Really hope we get Motp!!!
  3. So I'm assuming the only thing for sale is GA floor tickets and GA Reserved the first sections both of which are $65. Will be attending for my fourth time to see Muse. Dissapointed no Texas dates announced yet. Cant wait!
  4. fr0zen


    As if no one else play guitar? Yeah ok buddy. I respect your opinion that you don't agree, but I myself play guitar and believe it sounds a bit similar. Anyways...honestly didn't care too much for this song at first, but now, WOW! Awesome.
  5. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/olympics-fourth-place-medal/spice-girls-not-enough-save-jessie-j-centric-005423459--oly.html "Not so extended was Muse's abridged version of the official Olympics rock song, "Survival," the inevitable begrudging appearance of which was kind of like one of those American Idol coronation songs that everyone instantly hated but has to show up anyhow. Diving onto his knees like a true rock god as fireworks went off around him, singer Matt Bellamy did his best to pretend that he wasn't already embarrassed by this song that he will never live down, or that his guitar histrionics didn't seem shameful in comparison to the guy who'd be supplanting him in mere moments, Brian May." I haven't read any recent interviews. Did I miss something as to where Matt is embarrassed by Survival. This song is going to be awesome live with the guitar breaks and just has potential for all out jammage at the end as well. American reporting really is quite annoying sometimes.
  6. fr0zen


    love the dwumssszzz after the solo
  7. Some of the worst tracks selected for this poll.
  8. Out of all my friends that aren't Muse fans, this is the one song they actually like.
  9. Ditto. I already wanted to, but this put it over the top. Which then led me into playing guitar. Go Muse!!
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