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    At the moment, Eat Pray Love
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    I'm an official state side Doctor Who fan. Sanctuary and Castle are pretty grand too.
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    Anything by Scott Westerfeld. Anything by or based on Jane Austin or her stories. Reading "Infinite Days" and "The Dead and the Gone"
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    All the CD's. I actually have a Muse book tote. Librarian Remember?
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    Cincinnati OH. 10/11/10.
  1. Muse North America tour announcements today and SNL tonight. Love it!
  2. Didn't disown them after NSC, won't be doing that now. A little extreme people. Yet, this won't be on my favorites list anytime soon. The instru is fantastic as always but...did anyone else think that Matt doesn't sound like Matt here?? Also...Thought I was going to fall off my chair laughing when the peppy Oh Ah part started after Prelude. I honestly thought I was listing to a joke thinking that this can't be the boys... But, again, the instru is phenom as usual. Just...let's take everything else out ok??
  3. Map of your head. Just had it randomly placed on a cd and as I was rummaging for something decent to listen to in the car...it was the first song that came on. That CD has been in the player for a few days now...
  4. Absolution was where I came into the Muse party. That whole album swept me into the mad mad muse music world. And I am loyal to a fault. So Absolution would be it. But I would weep for leaving BHaR behind. This is a horrific question. I may just have night terrors now. Scariest thing I have ever had to contemplate since that clown incident...
  5. It's the beginning...the intro that always gets me into that slightly creeped feeling...The song itself could have the sweetest lyrics but if the sound is off from the start... Megalomania, Eternally Missed, Forced In, Spiral Static and Sing for Absolution. I adore them all but they are all just a bit...wrong...in a wonderful way...
  6. Hey yeah I've been packed for a week now lol I think were getting a rental from the airport I'm nt sure tho I'm not the one who's getting it I'm just joining in the carpool the car is a full house tho sorry :( hope you find a way!


    Have you tried looking in the indy FB group? There's a few others lking to fill space in there cars

  7. Hey there!


    Hope everything is lookin ok for the trip. Packed yet?? LOL. I was wondering - where are you renting a car from? Ben and I are having a heck of a time finding one. Wouldn't happen to have any room left in yours would you?

  8. Hey! Wow, I never log in here, thus the way late reply. Going to Lolla and Indy. Was considering LA Rising until the Indy show was announced. A lot cheaper to just add that on my Lolla trip than to make another trip down to LA. Life has been well. Had a nice last few months following Biffy Clyro around. Even won a contest to have dinner with the band. Good times! How about you? Going to Lolla or any other gigs?

  9. Hey there!

    We haven't chatted for awhile! Life gets too busy and then suddenly Muse connects us all again :) I was curious what your plans were for the concerts that have all been announced? I know oyu are going to Lolla but are you going to do the Indy show? Kansas? Outside lands?

    Life been good to you?

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