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  1. I know it's probably too late, but if somebody is selling an extra GA ticket, there is a chance I may be in London at this time.
  2. I think you just have to be in the right place at the right time... Why is our thread on page 2 of the forums? I just listened to the BBC Radio 2 performance online and am pretty stoked to see them live. It seems they are cycling through Falling Down, Sunburn, and Ruled By Secrecy. I wouldn't mind if the continued to do this while in America.
  3. I figured IS was a backing track in between the ending of the first part and the encore. Still, super excited for Falling Down, especially the piano. I've always loved the guitar version, especially from , but I'll take it any version.
  4. I wonder how quickly the GA will sell out, as well as how quickly the line forms.
  5. Does this mean more cookies are to ensue?
  6. I didn't realize that you lived in Atlanta. Maybe I don't remember you... I remember your username, but that's it. They did have quite the gap between playing Atlanta when he bled everywhere, in 2004 I think, to when they played two years ago, so maybe they're doing another gap?
  7. Definitely remember you as well. Good to see that we have a concert in our state finally. The venue is but a few miles from my house, which is so good compared to driving to another state.
  8. Two shows in Florida within two hours of each other in distance! So great. So ready for tickets tomorrow.
  9. Definitely going to this show as well as in Orlando. Never been to Tampa, but pretty stoked!
  10. I'd move back to the boring state of Oklahoma to live with my parents so that I could afford to follow them around the states if they did an OoS tour. It'd be quite the loss to move back, but I'd do it. I'd make lemonade stands by day and educate people on the street by night. Damn student loans.
  11. I was following the wrong thread and wondering why there weren't people responding. So good! Hyper Music. My favorite song. I'd give an arm and a leg to hear that live. They wouldn't be my arm and leg, but I am sure that someone would give theirs up for me.
  12. So far the setlist 1. Sirens Intro + Uprising 2. Supermassive Black Hole 3. Hystera 4. Map Of the Problematique 5. Butterflies & Hurricanes 6. Guiding Light 7. Citizen Erased 8. Nishe + United States of Eurasia 9. Helsinki Jam 10. Undisclosed Desires 11. Resistance 12. House of the Rising Sun + Time Is Running Out
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