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    I occasionally stop by the roadside to converse with large advertising statuary
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    up-and-coming ballerina
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  1. 1.New Born 2.Citizen Erased 3.City of Delusion 4.Take a Bow 5.Assassin Grand Omega Bosses(Debase Mason's Grog, even) 6.Apocalypse Please 7.Plug in Baby 8.Stockholm Syndrome 9.Blackout 10.Hyper Music
  2. since everyone's going for a list instead for just one song,here's mine Plug in baby Hyper music New Born SS Assassin KoC Bllis Take a bow CoD
  3. Showbiz: + Fillip - Overdue OoS: + Plug in baby/Hyper Music - Megalomania Hullabaloo: + Recess - Shine acoustic Absolution: + Stockholm Syndrome - FAWY BH&R + Assassin - Exo
  4. from muselive. kitn (ss intro), lyon - 11-12-2006.mp3
  5. I don't know,sounds great in my head I reckon it'd be serious headbanging material .
  6. Demon Cleaner-Kyuss They should totally take that riff and jazz it up,it would sound immense.
  7. oh,I like you just for the Porcupine Tree reference edit:woops,at ShamanX3
  8. Matt wears floral patterned scarfs and Dom,pink trousers. It wouldn't catch on . Chris is so fucking me'al,though s'all about the headbanging
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